Assassin's Creed IV's DLC Offers A Very Different Kind Of Rebellion

All those islands in the Caribbean that are plush vacation spots now? They used to be colonies, outposts for imperial powers that were replete with inhumane slave labour. Some of these places exploded — sometimes into self-rule — with violent uprisings and rebellions. The new add-on — out tomorrow — for Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag puts you in the middle of one of these stories.

The Freedom Cry DLC stars Adewale, previously seen as the first mate to Edward Kenway in the game's main campaign. A former slave himself, Adewale's side story looks like it's going to parallel the history of places like Haiti. It's tough to say if the combat seems more violent but the context certainly gives it a different weight.


    Wow that actually looks amazing

    This should be awesome. Very interesting historical period

    I wouldn't say the combat seems more violent, Black Flag's combat is already pretty darn brutal. Have never bothered with any AC DLC in the past but I reckon I'll pick this up.

    This is the very first Assassin's Creed game that I have finished and I am genuinely excited about this DLC :)

    I thought AC4 Black Flag was really rather good, and I have the Season Pass, so I'm looking forward to playing some more.

    I hope this ends up being as amazing as it looks. Knowing Ubisoft it should be, but I am a bit hesitant after AC3's native American subplot fell rather flat (but that was most likely more due to me not liking Connor).

    whoa DLC already, i feel like i have ages to go. Keep getting sucked off onto side missions

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