At Least It's Entertaining 47 Ronin In-Game Advertising

47 Ronin is the kind of film that motion picture executives are sure is going to resonate with the gaming crowd, which is why you'll find ads for it everywhere from VGX world premiere game announcements to the new 47 Ronin Clash Mob event in Infinity Blade III.

Starting Friday the 13, Infinity Blade III players will be able to join together to take down 47 Ronin's Samurai Brute, a massive piece of film imagery. The mob will have until December 24, the day before the movie opens, to take him out. If successful, they'll earn access to the creature's sword in their game. If not — well, I guess it comes to life and kills us all. Too bad.

I am perfectly fine with sponsorships and tie-ins, as long as they're done with an eye on maintaining the fun factor. How about you guys?


    I quite enjoy quick time events, like all the fight scenes in Fahrenheit. I kind of hope that is what this is like except it looks designed for the MOVE.

    Yes. Tie ins like this and the Deadliest Warrior addition to Chivalry I can deal with.

    I really hope this movie won't deviate too far from the original story.

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