Awakened In 2013

First, we imagined what the new wall-merging mechanic might look like in an older, classic Zelda game. Today, we're going to imagine what a 2013 remake of Link's Awakening might look like — here's a rendition by artist Jonatan Iversen-Ejve. [via Tiny Cartridge]


    So much want..... should have sent... a poet....

    A nice drawing, but please, no more talk of Zelda remakes. Its bad enough they havnt evolved the series since Majoras Mask.

    Last edited 31/12/13 3:41 pm

    Still hands down the best Zelda game :-)

    Apparently there's a fan remake. I haven't tried it yet.


    Looks like a nasty flash game

    An awesome picture to be sure, but... Why would a game made in 2013 be played on a system with a monochrome green screen like the original Game Boy?

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