Battlefield4 Isn’t Just Flawed

It looks like it’s Lost too. This video uploaded by YouTuber mormonrage shows an anomaly that looks a whole hell of a lot like the smoke monster from the popular mystery series.

Man, watching the trees fold away like that is super weird.


  • The header should read ” Battlefield 4 isn’t Just Flawed (for some)”.
    I couldn’t tell you the last the game crash or I was disconnected.

  • Or, I dunno, a header that reads, “Gamer exposes the artifice of 2D animated textures in the long distances in video games” but then I probably thought about this for a lot longer than you.

    • I don’t know if I’d call them animated, they’re just stencils that face you directly wherever you stand, that way you don’t see the corners of cardboard cut out style trees cause they’re always facing you. Just like the bodies in Doom used to do. The problem is it doesn’t work with things close up. If you ever looked down while parachuting in Just Cause you’d see all the trees directly underneath you spinning to create a circle right below you.

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