Battlefield 4 Looks Awful Pretty From A Safe Distance

LEVOLUTION (groan) isn’t just the name of one of 2013’s dumbest marketing terms, it’s the name of this very pretty video showing that not everything in Battlefield 4 is dirt, explosions and shaky-cam.

Seen from on high, these panoramic shots of Battlefield 4 matches show that there is beauty even in the multiplayer online shooter. If you know where to look.

‘LEVOLUTION’ – Epic Battlefield 4 Panoramic / Time Lapse [YouTube]


  • Shame such a truly pretty game has been plagued with so many problems, I don’t enjoy it anywhere near as much as BF3 at the moment and am resisting returning until at least another couple of patches are out.

  • I cant think of a single Levolution that makes a level better. The best ones are the ones that barely affect the level.

    • I like the Flood Zone Levolution because as a LAV driver it gives me an attack boat to destroy. I think 75% of my MVP ribbons have come from that map.

  • I love all the effects in the levels.

    daybreak is really nice and effects visibility in a nice way. Flood is good because it effects the way you traverse the map and paracal storm really changes water combat. They all seem to do what they are designed to do and that is a sense of progression to the level.

  • I will never purchase a EA/DICE game again. It was incredibly poorly tested and defines everything wrong with the gaming industry of today. Nickel and diming customers, rushed products, poor customer support. This is the EA of today, and this is the last product I will purchase from them.

    • I loved BF1942, Vietnam and Desert Combat. It is such a pity the modern ones look better but fail on basic gameplay and stability.

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