Battlefield 4 Reinvents Jousting With Jet Skis And Bazookas

Battlefield 4 Reinvents Jousting With Jet Skis And Bazookas

Having a good time in Battlefield 4 in an unconventional way doesn’t always mean stacking 64 players into an elevator or changing pilot seats mid-air. There’s jet ski jousting! Jackfrags and his crew show us how to play this grand sporting spectacle.

Two teams battle for supremacy on water, while jet skis and rocket launchers replace horses and lances. That’s fair enough.

Battlefield 4 – Jet Ski Jousting [YouTube]

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  • Eh, I did this back in Halo 3. Before the MLG wannabe community destroyed the rest of the community.

  • Haha pretty funny. i used to have some good fun on the old battlefield games. one thing i never forget doing was putting c4 onto a friendly vehicle and waiting for an ally to get in. Might not destroy it, but if they’re in a chopper the force of the explosion crashes ’em right down (and at tremendous speed). A bit mean, but the funniest thing you’ve ever seen from the ground view!

    • I prefered baiting the enemy with a free (but C4ed) vehicle, or rigging their own vehicles and C4ing them when they least expect it. Loved watching a fully loaded transport chopper exploding in the sky with the victims asking how the hell did they get C4ed up in the air xD

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