Battlefield 4 Stunts Are Becoming More And More Hardcore

Battlefield 4 Stunts Are Becoming More And More Hardcore

Locate target. Eject. Deploy package. Return to your vehicle. Sounds easy, but if your vehicle is a moving jet, and the target is a chopper high above you, things get hard. Even if it’s in Battlefield 4. Here’s YouTuber ponylion pulling off this pretty cool manoeuvre like it’s the easiest thing out there.

That’s a tough one! What’s next? Dropping C4 on a jet mid-air?

Chopper Rendeplast – Battlefield 4 China Rising [YouTube]


      • actually that doesn’t answer his question. If what you said was the only reason, then his camo should have been there from the beginning, it’s b/c BF4 is horribly written and about 40% of the time when you spawn into a vehicle the custom camo does not apply. This is why it only shows up after reentering

    • The game is riddled with bugs. Dude jumps out of a plane, bounces off a helicopter while planting an explosive, detonates it midair and then lands back in to his own aircraft, and you worry about the paint job?

  • The camo changing when he gets back into the jet is a common bug where you spawn into your jet with the camo not going active. Leaving and going back in fixes it, FYI.

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