Brutal Doom Is -- Surprise -- Getting More Brutal

Brutal Doom is — Surprise — Getting More Brutal

The mod for id Software's classic shooter has grown a lot since we first looked at it a year ago — if you own a copy of any of the Dooms, you should seriously consider giving it a try. It's pretty much an all-new experience.

This new video demonstrates the new and upcoming v19b version's ability to splatter blood not only over the level itself — ie. the floors and the walls — but also over the so-called decorative actors, such as trees and explosive barrels. Innovative! If you want to give the mod itself a try, you can learn more here.

Brutal Doom v19b - Blood Decals on Sprites (well.. sorta) [YouTube, via DSOGaming]

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    I only recently found this mod and it brought back so much for me and then some. I finished every doom and loved it again so much. I even hunted down the pc port of Doom64 and thrashed that. So much fun, I wish there was more :P

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