Bungie's Destiny Gets Another Gorgeous Trailer

Fresh off its big cover in Game Informer this week, Bungie's next space opera, Destiny, got this closeup premiere video at tonight's Spike VGX.

The game arrives September 9, 2014.


    Kinda looks somewhere between RAGE and the original Star Wars trilogy.

      I think that is what they are going for

    Gorgeous perhaps but wholly uninteresting. I hate the trailers that just show you STUFF, give me some context.

    Im still on the fence about destiny. This trailer seemed a bit eh but some of the other content looks pretty impressive.

    I know some people are pretty excited about this game, but it's basically just Halo-borderlands. I mean, not that that's a bad thing, but calling it an MMO, just because you can co-op and in some areas have like 10 people fighting a boss, no.

      Bungie have continually insisted it's not an MMO. They keep referring to it as a 'shared world shooter'.

    Man, they keep showing the same shit, with like a few seconds of new footage. Either show something meaningful or wait til you can.

      I feel the same way. I'd rather see 5 seconds of something new. It's already starting to feel tired cause it's been re-shown and re-shown from so many angles.

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