​Call Now And Get A Great Deal On Next-Gen Video Game Pictures!

Poor Peter Clatworthy — the guy who paid £450 ($735) for a picture of an Xbox One — has been the butt of many an internet joke. This video, while verging a bit on the mean side, is one of the best.

VideoGamerTV's TV shopping show parody nails the frantic hucksterism of channels like HSN and zeroes in on the core question you always ask while watching: just who would buy this stuff?

"We're running out of ink. So get in there early!" Damn.


    I was really disappointed the guy didn't at least upload an unboxing (or unenveloping) video of his 'console'.

    HA-HA! The fucking Fifa copy isn't even an X1 copy.

      It actually is, but the green is being taken out as he is standing in front of a green screen. You can see through it!

      hahaha i thought that too but its actually just the green screen has taken out the green on the fifa box picture

    If this is one of the best, I don't think the others are even worth a look.

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