Cards Against Humanity Is Sold Out Again

Briefly: Cards Against Humanity is sold out again. This time, they have a good explanation for how it happened. Designer Max Temkin wrote about the process of trying to predict Christmas sales, and why marketing reports aren't very helpful.


    Nothing has had me in such side splitting pain. This game is dangerously funny with the right people.

    *shrug* oh well, they don't even sell to Australian's anyway. Fuck those assholes.

      One of my friends has it?

        Congratulations? I'm not sure what your point is...

        The problem is you have to get it from game shops that have imported them and sell them at a ludicrous markup - I've seen it locally for $75, and I'm simply not prepared to pay that much for a deck of cards that sells for $25 USD. I'd gladly pay the $25 + shipping, if they sold to Australia, but that is not currently an option.

        When they ship to Australia, I will gladly add this to my collection.

          I went every where (in Adelaide) looking for it (the gf asked for it for xmas, amongst other things), most places told me they wouldn't bother importing it as the price they would mark it up to would make it mostly unsellable. In the end I got it on ebay for around $65 (inc delivery). Now she wants the expansions...

          It is fantastic fun though.

      send em an email, they will give you the address for their beta int. store

      Right there with you. They need to sell directly for something so awesome. I'm sick of having to use third party BS or eBay to get great things like this that deserve my dollars so much

    Great party game. I downloaded the official PDF and made my own set. $10 for printing, a trip to officeworks and a bit of time cutting up the cards and you're ready to go.

      hehe, while not a bad suggestion - technically illegal :)

        Not at all, the download link to print out your own copy is on their own website. They make it a point of saying that they're proud about it being open source.

        actually completely legal as long as you dont sell it for profit, it is released under Creative Commons and perfectly fine and infact encouraged to print yourself.

    They should be happy enough to sell you a copy, if you email them and ask politely (that's how I got my copy anyways). Just be wary of the shipping costs...
    Also, as the game was made in the USA, there's a few cards in there that probably don't make sense to us. Alas, still an awesome game to play with a group of horrible friends.

      Nope. I emailed and asked, they replied they don't ship internationally. Then they signed me up for their newsletter, without my permissions, arrogantly flouting the "new expansions" and what not, yet still refusing to sell them to me. Fuck those guys.

    I like to think that Table Flip was a part of this.

    Its just real strange how long it has taken them to ship internationally. Have they not heard of just removing their stupid restrictions on amazon?

    I believe they are holding off shipping to Australia because they are indeed working on an "Australian Version" of the deck. As you may be aware if you've played the American standard deck, some of the cards don't entirely make sense to an Australian audience. So if this is true and they are working on this, I am eager to see what comes of it :)

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