Check Out Star Citizen's Dogfighting And Procedural Damage Tech

Star Citizen will either be one of the most phenomenal games ever created, or it'll crater massively under the wait of insatiable expectation. Until the game is released and the verdict passed, there's little for us to do but enjoy the constant flow of development videos, such as this one that gives us an impression of how dogfighting will function.

The video is certainly a healthy length at just over 52 minutes, though seeing as it's a recording of a live stream, there are quite a few sections that aren't that interesting to watch. There also seems to be audio issues, with sound occasionally cutting out for minutes at a time.

If you fast-forward to 12 minutes' in, you'll get past the bulk of the talking and into the gameplay. It starts off with a solo cockpit jaunt, followed by a three-player combat involving lasers, asteroids and explosions (obviously).

One of the more interesting bits begins at the 29-minute mark, where the procedural destruction tech is shown off. The best way to do that, of course, is to blast a fighter with a chaingun turret. I always loved the location damage in games like Klingon Academy, so to see that this stuff has evolved to the point where individual panels can be shot off the hulls of ships is simply awesome.

Star Citizen — Dogfighting Module — Live Stream Update — December [YouTube]


    Man it is looking so bad ass. So jaded that I didn't get around to backing it.

      It's raised something like 15 mil since the funding ended. No need to let the end of the kickstarter stop you.

        Ahhh nice might have to throw some down when it is no longer noodle week.

    it’ll crater massively under the wait of insatiable expectation

    Psst, I think that's the wrong w word...

    For some unknown reason I always get exited when I see a product that I also own in a video. "HOLY SHITBALLS! WE HAVE THE SAME DILDO MIC!"

    Can some one please explain the game to me. Is it an MMO, will there be a single player opetion. Do I have to pay a sub fee, on the site it says I have to reserve my ship. What will happen if I just wait for the game to launch and then purchase it?

    It looks amazing, but I have no idea what is going on with it.

      @lance, It's both an SP offline (or co-op) game + an MMO. Confusing, I know.

      You start the game in the singleplayer Squadron 42 game - following a linear storyline - friends (number to be determined) will be able to drop in and co-op the ship combat stages with you in S42. Upon completion of Squadron 42, you earn your 'citizenship' and join the persistent universe (the MMO side) - where you leave military service and do whatever you like (trading, smuggling, piracy, escort services, information running, mining, salvaging, etc). You don't HAVE to play through S42 first if you dont want to, not sure what will happen there with faction standings and starter cash though.

      There is no sub fee for the game - there is A sub fee that is optional, and just gives you extra information about behind the scenes stuff and some private forum access.

      When they say 'reserve your ship' they mean for alpha/beta access - ie: the current access to the hangar where you can see your ship (assuming you buy one that's in-engine already), then the dogfighting module due in a few months, and finally onto the persistent universe beta etc.

      If you wait til launch, I'm not sure if they've said you will definitely get a starter ship if you don't do S42 and get enough funds to begin with to buy one. If you have no ship, you can serve on other people's multi-crew ships as a gunner or boarding defence etc.

        Thanks for taking the time to explain it. The page on their site is a bit hard to follow. Makes me even more keen to get into it!

          Not a problem :) I'd hate for someone to miss out simply because their website is lacking a decent synopsis at this point. The dogfighting module due in a few months will become an arena mode on final release too, and they're planning modder support AND user-downloadable dedicated servers. In short this game is dedicated to the halcyon days of pc gaming :)

          If you find it difficult to find information on their webpage, I can recommend the Star Citizen Admirer's Manual
          Its a 120+ page document containing general information about the game, its been compiled by one of the many fans of the game.

          I can also recommend this post on the forums.

          Star Citizen: How far we've come (a year in review), its a short summary of how far we have come since the RSI website opened before the original funding campaign started

      Single Player is Offline(no DRM) or Online with optional Co-Op friends only
      Subscription = No (Subscription on site is after a demand from people who wanted to keep throwing money at it - it gives some cosmetic benefits and website/forum extras)
      Base Game $40 Gives you the single player game and a ship to use on the Persistent universe, you can optionally pay more for ships early again optional only because people wanted to donate more they tried to make ships that respected that pledge.
      Also paying more gets you access to Alpha and Beta tests which will be mentioned in the packages.

      Every ship in the Persistent Universe can be obtained ingame with no money spent other than to buy the game it will just take time and skill. The game relies on skill so owning a fleet of awesome ships but rarely flying them means you'll be worse off than someone who owns 1 ship and knows how to fly it well.

      There is ingame purchases but it is only as a time saving mechanic for those who want to pay instead of play.

      There is also a rogue like element where you can potentially lose a ship for good if you do not insure it - but that would almost have to be deliberate - not paying for insurance/flying into dangerous space - trying to fraud the insurance system. Even if you lose a ship for good - a new one can be bought for cheap ingame credits you can do missions for.
      When you buy the game you pay for a Single player campaign of 50-70 missions and access to a persistent universe MMOish game.
      You can also host your own Universe game with friends on a LAN or Online server and mod it heavily.

    I find the lack of joysticks in this video disturbing.

      Well I'm pretty certain they've confirmed full HOTAS support as well as extra peripherals like TrackIR & Occulus Rift so I reckon we're probably safe to give them a pass

      They are play-testing systems and gameplay mechanics in near real-time as they are developing. They aren't concerned with the controls just yet, so a keyboard/mouse/gamepad will hold them over until the core game is solid. Then they can optimise for the wide range of controllers they have confirmed to be supporting.

    Just shutup and take my wallet.

      Sure, give them your money, but if they shut up there wont be any more videos like this. I want to see more.

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