Chinese Kids Fighting Smog With Martial Arts

Chinese Kids Fighting Smog with Martial Arts

At a primary school in Shijiazhuang, China, students have been practising a series of "anti-smog" martial arts exercises. Kick smog's arse, kids!

The children are doing wushu exercises. But according to website iFeng, the school instituted the "anti-smog" moves to help protect the students against pollution.

Chinese Kids Fighting Smog with Martial Arts
Chinese Kids Fighting Smog with Martial Arts
Chinese Kids Fighting Smog with Martial Arts

Shijiazhuang residents need all the help against smog they can get. The city has been called the "most polluted" in China. Still, as Kotaku's Eric Jou points out, these "anti-smog" martial arts are being widely mocked online in China.

河北一小学独创"防霾"武术健身操 [iFeng]


    Hahahaha.....we all have propaganda in our countries but this is funny shit....i wish carbon tax was this funny

      It is.

        Maybe we could get a bunch of school children to dance and it may get rid of the carbon tax......well one things for sure it would be more effective than abbott

          Except dancing is physical activity which increases your breathing rate, meaning you're exhaling more Carbon Dioxide and inhaling more Oxygen faster than normal. This means the trees can't keep up as well so we're actually creating more Carbon Dioxide which means the tax would be justified. See, I know what the government's trying to do. *Puts on tin foil hat, removes pants and runs off shouting about dancing kids being the end of us all*

            No no no, put your pants back on......its YOGA dancing that reduces your heart rate to such a state that you start inhaling the CO2 back into your lungs and any methane back into your...well you get the idea and carbon tax will have to pay the kids instead thus completing the cycle

          It's not Abbots fault that Labor and the Greens are stone walling the bill. (not that I like any of them). Sorry for bringing politics up.

          Last edited 15/12/13 1:46 pm


            to be honest I don't think he knows what's going on lol

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