Community Review: Gran Turismo 6

Community Review: Gran Turismo 6

Gran Turismo is arguably the tallest tent-pole in the PlayStation franchise portfolio. It’s a series that gamers seem to either love or hate — so what did you think of the latest installment?

I’ve personally never been a huge fan of realistic racing sims. I prefer my racecourses to be dotted with physics-defying jumps and the scorched remains of bullet-riddled rivals.

The very notion of applying for a digital driver’s license before you can get to the good stuff seems to fly in the face of what video games are all about: namely, fun and escapism. (Veteran video games journalist Stuart Campbell once dissected this ‘GT = work’ anomaly with devastating precision. It’s hard to argue with some of the points he makes.)

Mind you, my own GT aversion also has a lot to do with automobile ignorance: I’d be hard pressed identifying a Ferrari from a lineup of Fiats, so the thrill of getting behind the virtual wheel of a luxury sports car is largely wasted on me. They could churn out a randomly generated vehicle and call it the ‘Super Falcon 5000’ and it wouldn’t make an iota of difference to me.

But sales numbers don’t lie (unless you’re WWF Wrestlemania) and the GT series continues to sell by the truckload. Here’s your chance to champion the latest shiny new model off the production line. Is it everything you were hoping for? Or do you suspect Polyphony Digital are holding back the good stuff for GT 6.5/7 on the PlayStation 4? And what are you thoughts on those steep microtransaction prices? Share you opinions in the comments section below!


      • linked article is for GT4. le sigh
        micro-transactions are entirely optional, do not have an impact on game play or progression. have been made a bit redundant by ‘the glitch’.
        new tire model and suspension emulation are excellent, almost as good (maybe better depending on your tastes) as iRacing.
        Bathurst. Ascari. Willow Springs.
        loving it.
        oh i’ve been downvoted by the forza fans again. comment moderation FTW! lol

          • Don’t worry, those of us with basic reading skills got it.

            OTOH, not sure why you got tapped to write about GT at all given you dislike car sims…

          • your point isnt anything…it’s a red herring at best.
            you proclaim to prefer your driving games with “physics-defying jumps”, ie Burnout et al and “scorched remains of bullet-riddled rivals” ie GTA. yet the fastest and best cars are locked in Burnout until you progress in the game, and you really have to put in some time with GTA before you can afford a tank or jet, which goes totally against what you then go on to say about why people game ‘namely, fun and escapism’.

            Is every weapon unlocked in Battlefield?
            is tier X gear available at level 1 in WoW?
            name one game where everything is available at the start and you have to earn/unlock nothing.

            im arguing on the Internet. I lost.

          • I humbly submit that there’s a difference between locking a few weapons/vehicles and making you take boring driving tests. Gaming shouldn’t resemble high school. Unless it’s Rockstar’s Bully. Then it’s okay.

  • Id love to get out my g27 and play this game during christmas holidays, but its $100 at the local shops. Gaming in Oz is just to damned expensive

  • Does anyone else get the feeling that half the team at Polyphony has been on leave for the past 10 years?

    Missed deadline after missed deadline, a bloated roster full of old-car models and a refusal to fix issues like sound from game to game.

    Polyphony really needs to either hire HEAPS more (decent) staff or take a page out of the Forza book and strip GT right back before it’s PS4 debut. The worst case scenario now is that they waste the next year or so trying to polish this game into a PS4 game in the same way they’re STILL trying to turn GT4 into a PS3 game. If they do that we’ll get a half-baked PS4 version of this game and the fresh start the series desperately needs will be at LEAST 6 years away on Polyphony’s recent form.

    Personally I’d love to see a 3 year annual subscription model for the next GT game. Strip it all right back with a brand new engine and a roster of 200-300 properly designed next generation cars at launch with new tracks/ cars added to the game periodically.

    Most importantly, get it done within a year or two! GT5 should have been out within the first 2 years of the PS3’s lifecycle and GT6 has missed it entirely! If GT6 had been released in 2011/12 like it should have been Polyphony would be well on their way to building a real new-generation GT game for the first year of the PS4 (the way the competent folk over at Turn 10 have).

  • GT6 is the best one since 4. Loving it. When you actually look there is a lot more love and effort especially compared to Forza 5.
    I’m starting to wonder what they’ll do next for PS4!
    Don’t let the sting of GT5 put you off.

    • I don’t see how you came to that conclusion re: Forza 5.

      Polyphony have released 2 games in over a generation, half the cars are still PS2 relics and most of the cars are borderline duplicates. Some of the tracks are new and great but plenty of them are again, antique rehashes from older versions. The front end of the game still seems like it was thrown together by the work experience kid with no consideration for the user. They still haven’t bothered to fix the sound which has been consistently panned.

      Forza 5 isn’t perfect by any means, but what is there is all very polished and very complete. Effort in my mind is delivering the game on time and making real improvements, love is having the respect for your product not to just paste-in half finished or ancient content just so you can say it’s there.

      • My biggest gripes with Forza 5 are the insanely limited number of tracks, I got so bored racing the same track over and over again, it was bad because I worked my way from C class events to the S class events, all the same tracks in each event, no changes to the lay outs. Just got so tedious.
        The slow progression and credits earned is also a major disappointment, its like they want to micro transaction you to death, and the whole 50% of for one weekend to apologise wasn’t a very good apology.

        I hadn’t played Forza since 3, and I haven’t played GT in ages, but a car game needs a lot of tracks, not just a lot of cars.

      • There are more polished cars snd tracks in GT6 than Forza. The menu is not garbage. Content is not behind a paywall either.yeah gt has the old tracks but it is all the old PLUS new not out with the old removed for the new.

        • You haven’t actually played Forza 5 have you?
          EVERY SINGLE CAR is avaliable in the autovista for you to walk around, manipulating major parts (roof, doors ect) and sit inside the detailed interiors. Thats not less than a game which still uses generic dashboards for some of its cars. It’s just not.

          There’s no paywall content either. I HATE the microtransaction bullsh*t in both games.

          Forza 5 doesn’t have enough tracks but unfortunately that’s what happens when you transition to a new console and push a game out at launch. I don’t think Microsoft was particularly keen to release a launch title on their own new console and filling it with cut-and-paste content from the generation before like Polyphony are still doing on the PS3 AFTER the the PS4 is already out. It’s not a good look and is hardly likely to convince people it’s worth upgrading.

          • Dude I am not digging at you sorry.
            I was only trying to say (without over explaining like a troll/twat) that amount of quality content one has more than the other and the crappy filler/carry over is on addition.
            As a result I feel GT6 is worth owning.
            People who don’t have an xbox one should not use forza 5 as a reason to not get GT due to the comparison people are making based on perceived negatives of GT.

            I am talking generally not specifically on anything you have stated.

          • You’re cool man, no offence taken.
            I wouldn’t even say that people who have an Xbox One shouldn’t buy GT. The two games are different enough that even if I think Forza does more things right I couldn’t say that anybody who preferred GT was categorically wrong.

            I would say that in 2013 the GT product should be MUCH better than it is, and that in my mind the deficiencies in Forza are due to a change of console while the deficiencies in GT are due to incompetent development.

            The big question now is what do Polyphony do with the PS4? The Forza series now has a rock solid building block and can release a Forza 6 in 2 years thats packed with next gen content. Will Polyphony spend the next year porting a PS3 game already filled with old assets to the PS4 and then start work on a legitimate next gen GT? The way they develop I can see Turn 10 completely blowing them away by the end of the generation.

          • Agreed. Polyphony need to step up big time. Especially if Forza 6 is 2 years off.
            If they port over rather tgan remake and embrace modern trends on top of tge solid racing they will be stuffed. I won’t buy that’s for sure.

  • I thought about getting it last week, but I want to know how good it is before I plonk down my hard earned. If it’s really good, I’ll probably get it (although this micro-transaction crap doesn’t sit well with me), but if it’s just like GT5 then I’ll give it a miss.

  • Boycotting this one, and any other single-player game that has ‘free-to-play’ style microtransactions in it. And I love the GT series.

    • This doesn’t have that style of microtransaction at all. Unlike Forza where the game has changed to effectively force MTs, GT is the same model as before, except you *can* buy some cars if you so desire. Big difference.

      • And the reason that Forza has unacceptable microtransactions is because other games have paved the way with ‘acceptable’ microtransactions. It’s not something that I personally would like to encourage.

  • I keep meaning to pick it up but I’ve lost the power cable for my Driving Force GT and I can’t go back to playing it with a controller again. And I can’t justify buying a new wheel that won’t work on the PS4 just for one game.

    Can anyone say if the 1200 cars are like previous GT’s? 200 different cars and 1000 variations of the Skyline?

    • you’re right, it’s hopeless with a controller AFTER using a steering wheel, i did one lap before quitting in frustration and pulling out my G25.
      T500RS (expensive) has been confirmed to be supported on ps4 (iirc).
      there were never 1000 skylines, there are around 160 Nissans. (@150 Nissan + NISMO + Blitz + etc) and only 1/3 of them appear to be Skylines (roughish numbers cbf’d counting).

      • I know there wasn’t 1000 skylines. Was just hyperbole.

        That T500RS is a nice looking unit though. Pretty sure wifey would break my legs before I could use it if purchased.

      • I didn’t even finish the demo lap with the controller! The g25 was a bit dusty but totally worth it. Glad they added in controller + wheel support in the most recent patch.

    • They scaled back the cosmetic duplicates, but you still get each distinct model. All in all it’s a pretty great selection and as someone who likes driving older cars GT is a godsend as I don’t have to drive all these modern POS. (certain modern cars are cool, but they are the exception rather than the rule)

  • Loving GT6 such great fun with my racing rig.

    I even like the new pricing on cars it promotes careful thought on each and every purchase, unlike gt5 where nothing had any value since you were always drowning in credits.
    I think virtual track days/race series will be much more interesting now that people cannot afford to buy every car and then throw every upgrade/set of tires on them.

  • From Eurogamer “Martin Robinson further clarified in his Gran Turismo 6 review that “if you weren’t aware of their inclusion beforehand, you wouldn’t know they’re there at all. The economy is, to all intents and purposes, identical to Gran Turismo 5’s.”

  • My idea for GT6.5…Port the game engine from GT6 over to the PS4, 1080p with 60fps and loads of AA. Once this is done, work on getting 10 tracks updated, and about 50 cars. There is a small career mode, multiplayer and seasonal events and challenges. Release this for $AU40. Then, every couple of months, release $5 car and track packs, each one includes 3 tracks and another 50 cars plus more events for the career mode. After a year you’d have paid full price for the game, have loads of content and not had to wait years for the product.

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