Community Review: PlayStation 4

It's Monday after the weekend that was. Plenty of were most likely doing the same thing as me over the weekend: playing a helluva lot of video games. But for the folks lucky enough to pick up a PlayStation 4 — what are your thoughts? How are you enjoying the console so far?

You can read my more extensive thoughts on the console here but, just generally, I am a fan. I like the slick, super accessible UI. I love the design and I love the controller. The PS4 is seriously lacking compared to the Xbox One in terms of its apps and its potential as a Media Center (no HDMI-in) but when it comes to 3rd party games I enjoy the feeling that I'm playing the definitive version of that game. That's the feeling I'm currently getting when playing, say, Assassin's Creed IV on the PS4.

So yeah, the games are slim pickings, especially when it comes to console exclusive 'AAA' titles, but I've been having a blast with Resogun and the remastered version of Flower. Most of my time, however (read: 90% of my time), has been spent with Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, which really does feel quite spectacular on the PS4.

All up, I'm really liking the PlayStation 4 so far*.

*Almost as much as I'm enjoying my Wii U now that Super Mario 3D World has come out!


    I don't own a PS4 but since I'm on the internet I have no choice but to complain about it.

      Not enough vitriol, racism or remarks on my mothers sexuality. Please try again.

        Some spelling / grammatical errors would be nice, too.

          Also clever wordplay like M$, or Nintendrones, Sony ponies, etc.

            References to nazis and sexual orientation of the article author.

          And someone to correct those spelling / grammatical errors.

      Since I'm on the internet too and you are taking the negative stance, I am obligated to defend the console and extol its virtues while making a derisive and derogative statement about your assumed console of choice.

        Don't forget to mention that, regardless of console preference, they're all underpowered compared to that PC that you built 11 years ago.

    I'm loving the system. The games aren't much to write home about yet (except Resogun, dang it's fun) but the actual system and how it is just so seamless with patches, downloads and installs all happening in the background is just fantastic.

      Re-playing Flower at 1080p/60fps is grand (and stackable trophies!)

      Played some FIFA 14 on it. Pretty good as well.

      Maybe it's me have I HATE the downloading and patching system, I think it has taken all the control away, so I can't prioritise my downloads and patches, it doesnt notify you that its undertaking patching unless you enter the game then it states that the game is currently patching please wait.

      it combines all the downloads (unlike the ps3 which queued them) that has a big impact on how fast it can download an item, if you have 5 things going at once

        This, nothing pissed me off more than seeing 5 things downloading all splitting my already paltry connection so that the smallest one I wanted to download first took 5x longer.

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          I guess they're against the LNP fraudband policy too.

    Had mine for a bit over a week, and pretty pleased overall. The biggest revelation for me has been the controller - DS4 is such a vast improvement over DS3, and long overdue. Only complaints so far are the borderline obnoxiously bright blue light on the front, as well as questionable battery life. Having an LED TV with a glossy panel catches some irritating controller light reflections at times, depending on what's on screen.

    Highlights include the ease of features like screenshot/video sharing, as well as the transition between applications and games being pretty damned smooth. PS3 felt very jarring when, say launching PS Store from within a games, or trying to access XMB features while other things were running. It's just so smooth with the PS4.

    The unit itself can get a little warm and the fans get quite loud after some concerted gaming, but honestly, no louder than the noise any modern gaming PC's graphics cards and CPU/radiator fans would produce.

    I think the UI will be improved over time, as with any console - the PS4's XMB (do they still call it that?) is a little sparse at the moment, but that'll change I'm sure.

    Games look the business - Killzone Shadow Fall is the highlight for me graphically, thus far. AC4 is extremely impressive, but some weird textures and jaggies/blurring throw me off a little.

    Pretty damned happy overall.

    EDIT: Forgot to mention how seamless installs, patches, downloading and everything is. Works so well. Downloaded Killzone SF digitally, and was able to play the game before it'd even finished. It downloaded chapters and multiplayer on the fly.

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      How long does thr controller charge last? Hopefully a tad longer than the bloody Wii U gamepad! :-(

        It's better than the WiiU, but I seem to get several hours out of it. Hard to tell, because the other issue is I have trouble telling when it's charging. Sometimes the light goes orange when plugged in, then other times I know the battery is low, plug it in, and it's still blue. I also have a tendency to stop and start play a lot, so actually real play time is hard for me to gauge.

        The other minor thing I miss from PS3 is how you could tap the PS button from the XMB and your controller battery level would show in the top right. Unless there's a way to do it I don't know about?

          Hold it down and on the bottom right of the screen to turn it off the charge indicator is sitting.

            I knew I could count on you, fuzzy little manpeach.

          the wiiU has a screen on the controller. I would hope the ps4 battery was better........

            It's definitely better than the WiiU gamepad, just not as good as DS3.

          I've normally gotten 7 and a half hours out of my DS4 controller. How long does the Wiiu gamepad normally last for?

      The first hack: I predict a resistor, in series with the LED, to make it dimmer.

    Resogun has been great fun so far. Jumped online with my housemate who also picked up his PS4 on Friday and co-op Resogun is even better fun.

    Killzone, yeah the singleplayer is lacking a bit with the story but it's solid and looks absolutely amazing. We're finally putting dx9 behind us and it's great to see. Yeah I've been playing dx11 games on my PC as well, but it feels somehow more next gen on a console, probably because the change on PC is gradual compared to a big jump on consoles. Killzone multiplayer is good fun though. Yet to borrow AC IV. I'm not the biggest fan of the games but I'm interested to see how different it is.

    Definitely missing media options at the moment such as iView (either that or I'm completely oblivious to where they are), I'll assume because they're not ready yet, but I still have my PS3 for that. Early days though and I'm excited for the next decade of gaming like I've never been before. Now what games are upcoming for it. A few indies isn't there?

    Loving mine, played it all weekend... Ghosts looks decent enough but nothing that I couldn't have seen last gen, but Killzone? My god, some of the futuristic city scenes remind me of Total Recall or Blade Runner, they are just incredibly impressive. Looking forward to a very bright future ^_^

    Outside a couple of small issues (lack of decent games, no media streaming yet) it's a pretty good console. You can see that it is a step up from the PS3 and everything has been done in order to make your gaming life a bit more comfortable. The streaming feature is a very nice touch, especially for someone like me who does a lot of live streaming content.

    Also, I watch Wreck it Ralph on BluRay on it the other day and I swear it looks clearer and crisper than it did on the PS3. Unfortunately when i went to watch Scarface, the system crashed.

    Overall the system is definitely "next gen" and worth a purchase... Even if we'll be waiting till sometime next year for a decent games library.

      I'm not huge on consoles but how is "lack of decent games, no media streaming" as small issue? Isn't that kind of the point? Otherwise it's just an expensive Blu-Ray player

    Love love love my PS4. That said I'm neglecting it to play Dead Rising 3. Good times.

    I'm enjoying it so far. Nice and fast compared to PS3. My only gripes so far would be:

    - Recessed USB ports make it difficult (but not impossible) to connect my USB headset.
    - No media streaming. Still have my PS3 connected.
    - Can't access game save data.

      The save data thing has thrown me off a little too. Need to see more/have more control. PS3 let me see everything - save games, installed data, all individually. Direct management of cloud saves, manual copying/deleting was great too. Even choosing specifically what game's save files got synced to the cloud was nice.

        Go to system then data management. Its all there and you can do multiple file upload, delete etc unlike ps3 too.

          Oh, did not know that. Thanks for the tip!

      I'm (unfortunately) at work and not in front of my PS4, but I think I remember being able to access save games from the data management section in settings

    I would just like to own one :-(

    Its so weird that i cant get one for months! I was kind of hoping to get some time to play on my Christmas holiday but now cant get it until Feb which blows...

    Such a fantastic console. Just need an option to be able to pause downloads.

    My super slim PS3 stacks on top of the PS4 nicely!

    As an added bonus, I plugged in my old Tritton AX Pros and the headset works :-) [EDIT: looks like the headset doesn't actually work despite the PS4 recognising it. Oh well. Time to wait for the USB headset functionality update...[

    So now I've got my PX5s on my PS3 and my AX Pros on my PS4 for minimum fuss. Now, if only my TV had more than one HDMI port :-(

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      Remote controlled HDMI switch FTW.

      I believe Dick Smith stock one, but you could do cheaper and better on eBay.

      grab one of these...
      i used to use this exact unit, and it worked great.

    I'm really enjoying my PS4. I love everything about it. Obviously I'm dying for some new game announcements and things will be dry for a few months but it has massive potential.

    My only gripe with it so far is the on-board lack of features like being able to stream from the PC, etc. I hope Sony get that done soon.

    I love it so far.
    The DS4 combined with the speed of the console make for a great experience.

    There's not much to look at in the launch library but I see so much potential in the console. The interface is slick and easy to use and the controller is such an improvement over the last one and I just know it's going to have a rosy future.

    I think the only downside to this new generation is that I don't really notice the increase in graphics. I've been playing PC games up on the big screen which has spoilt me, so while Killzone looks amazing it's not really anything I haven't seen before.

    I'm still on the fence about which console to purchase i have read so many reviews about both consoles and now have to make a choice. Decisions, decisions.

    lack of HDMI-In is a thing???

    I dont see it as an issue, but... personal opinion

      I agree but i don't at the same time. Most tvs these days only have 3 HDMI inputs (idiots) and if your like me, more are required, Another HDMI input that seamlessly switches from game to TV is actually an amazing extra to have. It really works well. That said, i have never had this option before so you can easily live without. It's one of the GOOD innovations Microsoft have come up with.

      hahah and read the post below this one, proves my point exactly

    Got mine home Friday night (with no games...). Had prepared a USB stick with the firmware update so that was quick and easy. Then discovered that the fourth (and only unused after PS3/Foxtel/HTPC) HDMI on my telly seems to be a DVI/PC input with no sound which seems very odd. So played Flower for a bit just to see, then gave up. Saturday and Sunday were meant to be quiet days, but turned into Ikea/DIY hell. Sunday arvo I managed to pick up AC4 skull edition and FIFA14. Put PS4 in the PS3's spot on the shelf and stuck in AC4. Menu music! Autoinstall! Went and redeemed codes on PS Store, with no troubles despite the warnings over the weekend. A bit of confusion about how to download once I'd queued all the updates, and how to get the main AC4 update that it told me I needed. Then I realised it was busy sorting it all out for me - I could have played for a while and then restarted game after the update was finished, apparently!?! Very impressed with that.

    New XMB is a bit busy, but I think I'll get used to it. Need a bit of rearranging to find a home for it and to get all 4 devices playing well with the telly, but like it so far. Will comment more of graphics/gameplay once I've got more than 5 minutes into a game...

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      First major issue - camera cable too short (TV on wall, consoles live in cabinet). Not a problem with PS3 cam, as USB. Proprietary connector for PS4 so will get fleeced for a stupid extension cable once one of the accessories makers has one out...

    Got mine on Friday. Plugged it in and booted it up on Saturday. Everything started-up and worked nicely.

    I'm a little confused by the download prompts and if something had actually been downloaded from the PlayStation Store. Maybe I missed something. Minor complaint.

    Plugged in Need for Speed Rivals - WOW...impressive. Looks stunning on a 55 inch LED LCD. So much detail and little to no jags and/or framerate slowdown. The cars and environment look spectacular. On a gaming note, I'm not so sure on the purpose of having other players in my session. It would be cool to be able to challenge other RL people, not just compete against best times. The sessions would crash too. Restart. This happened about 3 times.

    Played around with the UI...everything seems to be in order and looks nice.

    Bought a camera too. It has fun voice commands - "PlayStation" - options pop up - " Start Need for Speed" - game starts. Unnecessary, yet kinda cool.

    Checked out AC: Black Flag for 30 mins. Looks great! PS. what the heck is up with the ubisoft server being down? I wanted to access all the fun looking bonus content, however, after selecting 'additional content' tab/window, that error consistently comes up.

    In terms of the look of the console - slick, unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing. 10 points Sony.

    All up - so far, SO GOOD.

    Edit: spelling mistake.

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    I would be able to contribute to this discussion if Sony had included media streaming. But given that this is absent, I have not acquired a PS4 because it fails to do one of the two major things I need my console to do (media playback and gaming), while my PS3 does both.

    I find it amazing that Sony has not included this absolutely basic feature which pretty much every device made since 2005 has. Such a frustrating company - every time they do something right (like their approach to DRM and mandatory online stuff with the PS4) they do something idiotic which cancels it out.

    I also seriously don't get the interest in sharing your gaming activities with others. Who the hell wants to watch 90 billion videos of other people playing Killzone? How many people actually have loads of friends who will want to know what random games they are playing?

      You kind of answer most of your own problems there though. My Tv does media streaming, as do approx 3 other boxes connected to it. Also, the presence of a share button hasn't negatively impacted my time with the console because I haven't pressed the button yet, because I don't have any psn friends who would give a shit.

        Not really - I'm not going to run a PS3 and a PS4 side by side, and my TV doesn't do media streaming. I have a PC so the games alone are far from a compelling reason to upgrade. However improved games plus all existing functionality might get the PS4 over the line.

        I find it a very surprising omission, anyway.

          I suspect that by the time you can actually get your hands on one then they will have patched that functionality in anyway.

      every device made since 2005 has
      exactly. use another device?
      How many people actually have loads of friends who will want to know what random games they are playing?
      i pondered this too. at first, i didn't even link my twitter or fb. i have done so now, but restricted the fb sharing to the "close friends" list. within that list, i've added people that won't get sick of seeing my lame gaming habits.

    I'm loving it, setup was extremely slick and easy recovering my ps3 username, killzone looks incredible (but the game is quite bland unfortunately), flower 1080 is lovely.

    I did the battlefield 4 upgrade from ps3 version and it did the 40gig download in about 4 hours, which was really impressive considering launch day etc, in fact I've had no psn issues at all. The download while you play function works stunningly well too.

    My favorite feature so far is the ratings of trophy rarity! Cool to see that only 2% of uncharted 2 players got the platinum, made me feel special.

    I love it. To me, the PS3 always felt like a really frail experience. I don't know how to explain it other than that, but... PS4 is so... Solid. It's just so much more pleasant and everything feels like it works together, whereas the PS3 always felt as if it was at odds with itself. Just something so indescribably better about it.

    The controller was weird at first but I have Stockholm syndrome now. Quite sure it's one of the best things I've held.

    Also, pro-tip, don't trust reviews with knack. It's better than most give it credit. And Mark Cerny is a god.

      I had a feeling the critics over thought Knack. At the end if the day a game that the younger ones can play too can't be another God of War.
      Ni reviewer so far made a point of the games audience

      I'm enjoying Knack. It's pretty basic to play but it looks gorgeous and there's nothing broken about it. It's just a basic, fun, good looking game.

      But then again I have always been a fan of platformers so perhaps I am biased.

    Love the system. Main points:
    1. The controller is really nice and comfortable.
    2. Integration of Music Unlimited is great and I can play from that library during my games. This is something I would really like for the PS3 because I am sick of the music in GTAV now.
    3. Big-ups for having a couple of games for free available on PS Plus which are reasonably good.

    Don't like or things for improvement:
    1. I want to be able to remove things from the home screen.
    2. Lack of DNLA and video player is bad.
    3. Remote Play is poor, however I concede that I may just need a better router in my house.
    4. I would like to be able to change the home screen visually and the background music.
    5. The Internet Browser does not support flash, so why even bother? They need to address the flash support.

      Aparently themes are coming soon but you can turn the background music off in the settings, it was driving me crazy too.

    i love it.
    it is by far the best box under my Christmas tree.
    this is the first time I've got a new console as a present and its doing my head in having it in my house and not even being able to hook it up.
    its funny how i seem to have lost patience when it comes to video games, got to have it on launch for some reason.
    This will be character building
    that is if i didnt have zelda a link between worlds to play which honestly makes me forget all about the next gen its so damn good

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