Cops Say Man Broke Baby's Leg When Diaper Change Interrupted His Game

Cops Say Man Broke Baby's Leg When Diaper Change Interrupted His Game

A Florida man is in jail without bond after authorities allege he broke a one-month-old child's leg when he was interrupted from a video game to change the infant's diaper. That's not ok.

Paul Lejeunesse, 20, of Citrus County Fla. faces a charge of aggravated child abuse and, according to a report filed by child protection authorities, appears to have admitted to causing the injury. The grandmother of the baby said Lejeunesse had become increasingly frustrated with the diaper change attempts, noting that the infant would cry throughout, but would be silent if she made the diaper change herself, reported WTSP-TV of St. Petersburg.

Lejeunesse's relationship to the child was not described in news accounts. He is said to spend most of his time at home, unemployed. The baby's mother lives at the home but attends school during the day. The incident allegedly occurred Dec. 11, when the baby's grandmother asked Lejeunesse to change the diaper. He was playing "an Xbox game at the time," reported WTSP "and became upset that he was interrupted."

Lejeunesse told authorities that when he lifted the baby's legs during the change, he heard a pop and the infant's right leg went limp. He alerted the grandmother, the baby was taken to a hospital, where the fracture was discovered. The baby was treated and released.

Cops: Man upset at stopping video game to change diaper breaks baby' s leg [WTSP]


    Some people need to be sterilized.


        Sterilisation keeps them from re-producing, which is generally good enough. Too late for this guy though, so yeah, euthanisation might be in order.

    You can't accidentally do that - the force needed to wrench the leg out is not small.

    I hope he receives anger management training.

    Or gets smashed in prison.


      Im a hands on father of 5 and babies really don't break that easy so I got to wonder what really happened. Babies are hard and things happen but to break a babies leg just by lifting it up seems weird to me, even if it was done rather know.

      I hope he drops the soap

    Guys... Seriously... Why doom and gloom?! I come here to escape the sadistic BS of news and kids getting harmed. I come here for video games.

    I have two kids myself.. I don't want to read this at your site.

    And what do video games ACTUALLY have to do with any if this? Guy is an unfit parent/jerk, so what...

    So who at kotaku read this story then thought it would be hilarious to snap the leg off a baby doll and post it with this news item? Is this meant to be funny?

      Indeed. Glad they concluded the first paragraph with 'thats not ok' my moral radar was confused for a moment over wether violence towards babies was or not... *sarcasm*

    Gosh, it's not like he did it and went back to his game. He immediately got help which is what he should've done.

    For all we know, he feels terrible about what happened, and will never do it again.

    I know when I had my son, I had no idea how to care for a baby. I definitely wasn't the perfect parent, I made mistakes and it was just luck that kept us out of hospital a couple of times.

      I completely agree with you Rowan. The guy got help straight away (according to the report) and would probably feel crap about it (could still be more to the story though).

      Not saying what the guy did was right however you have to wonder whether the child was throwing a tantrum or something when he changed the nappy kids throw themselves around so wildly at times it is extremely good luck for you to not break a bone in their bodies.

        Hahaha. well can't agree with you there! My kids just kinda lie there and let us do it. But all kids are different, and no parent is perfect.

    There is only one possible innocent explanation - the child was born with a genetic or congenital abnormality that causes the bones to form improperly and/or break easily. Osteogenesis Imperfecta (there are many different types) could be a cause of this, although it is unlikely that the child would not have been diagnosed before leaving hospital.

    He is probably guilty, but they should run some tests on the child to make sure that it wasn't a medical condition that caused the bones to break. It's highly unlikely that it is a medical condition, but possible.

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