Cut The Rope 2 Is A Great Reason To Give Its Creators More Money

Cut The Rope 2 Is A Great Reason To Give Its Creators More Money

For three years the creators of Cut the Rope have been adding new free level packs to the original game. Both the prequel, Cut the Rope: Time Travel and the spin-off, Cut the Rope: Experiments, have gotten free new content this month. These guys really deserve another dollar. Cut the Rope 2 is our chance.

Seriously, it’s time. The original Cut the Rope, a game about cutting ropes in order to feed an adorable little green creature named Om Nom a piece of candy, has grown from its initial allotment of levels (100, I think?) to a whopping 375. Each new pack added fresh gameplay elements like gravity, wind, electricity — they spent ages developing free content for the game, never asking existing players for a single additional cent.

Now there’s finally Cut the Rope 2. It’s got 120 all-new levels, some exciting new game mechanics (Om Nom isn’t necessarily in a fixed position in each level anymore), and a bunch of new monster friends, each with their own special powers. It’s brilliant fun, even when it’s frustrating. Even in German.

It’s not a revolution in rope-cutting. ZeptoLab could have very well just slowly added these new levels to the existing game, and made no dollars at all. As it stands, the Android version coming in early 2014 is going to be a free-to-play game, so there won’t even be any guaranteed dollars.

This is more Cut the Rope. It’s colourful, challenging in spots, inventive and adorable. It’s the sort of sweet and simple mobile game that never fails to make you smile. I’ve paid a lot more for a lot less.

Cut the Rope 2

Genre: Physics Puzzler Of Happiness

Developer: ZeptoLab

Platforms: iOS (Now), Android (early 2014)

Price: $US.99 iOS, Free for Android

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