Cutesy Side-Scrolling MMOs Are Not Supposed To Look This Good

Cutesy Side-Scrolling MMOs Are Not Supposed To Look This Good

It fits, considering the new cutesy MapleStory won't be its typical side-scrolling self.

Indeed, for MapleStory 2, they're abandoning the now familiar side-scrolling look for the Korean-made online RPG in favour of a more traditional isometric business. Like Ragnarok Online, basically, but in full 3D. Not that the new cinematic trailer shows off any of that:

It's more of a Hollywood-esque hype maker kind of thing. Terribly uninformative, but nice to look at. As for the game, well, it's supposed to launch in Korea next year, showcasing an all-new world and all-new monsters, so expect more details soon.

MapleStory 2 Cinematic Trailer [MS2Official@YouTube, via NeoGAF]

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    Well this is interesting.

    I got to level 10 and gave up out of boredom in the original. Perhaps this time it'll be different?

    its more fun when u hit 3rd job anything lower then that is a grine

    Flagrant false advertising imo when the game will more than likely not look/play anything like the trailer.

    Last edited 17/12/13 6:20 pm

    "Like Ragnarok Online, basically, but in full 3D"
    This already exists, it's called "Ragnarok Online 2" ;)

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