DayZ Holiday Cease-Fire Will Be A Nice Moment Or Greatest Troll Ever

DayZ Holiday Cease-Fire Will Be a Nice Moment or Greatest Troll Ever

DayZ's standalone alpha was released last week and you know what that means: A shitload of overly trusting newspawns to grief. Pardon me for being cynical, but a proposed "cease fire" on Christmas Day absolutely reeks of a trap. A hilarious trap, if it is one.

The cease-fire proposal was posted four days ago on the DayZ subreddit. It sounds like a cool idea: "In all the major towns on the maps, let there be a truce between survivors and bandits alike, and for one day let us band together against the zombie horde."

Yeah, you get the fuck on out of here with that. This is DayZ, where the decision to trust someone (and often, to trust absolutely no one) is one of the best meta-games in video gaming. This is DayZ, where two dudes in a helicopter who swoop in and save you from a zombie will consign you to a video game fate far worse than being eaten alive — for real. So, pardon my scepticism that this isn't a ruse to get people to lay down their arms long enough to get shot in the back.

I'm not the only one. There are a bunch of sardonic comments from wary Redditors, too. (My favourite: "Football in No Man's Land Cherno anyone?" Reply: "Except Nazis had more honour than your local cherno bandit." Historically inaccurate, maybe, but the sentiment is understood.)

The permadeath and ultra-real survival demands of DayZ are what make this such a nice thought.

"I will sit in the church in Cherno and hand out supplies to all in need. May you be safe. I love all my fellow survivors."

But that's also what makes it a great opportunity grief the holy goddamn out of everyone.

"Hey dude! Merry christmas! Come here! I got a present!" pulls out axe " Here this is for you!" "Wow! That is really kind!" "Yeah! You will no longer have to care about zombies!" Beats poor survivor to death.

Whatever goes down, this bears watching.

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    Its pretty standard in wartime to have a cease fire during christmas day

      Yeah but this is DayZ, the ultimate trollbait simulation

    Just like that movie Joyeux Noel, but with zombies

    I can't help but picture something like this happening...

    This is never going to work. Its a nice idea but the amount of banditry, uncertainty of friendliness and need to survive will ruin any idea of peace.

    I love it when apparently professional people use excessive expletives in an article about gaming. Immaturity like this has a lot to do with why gaming is still seen as this childish thing.

      But I thought swearing was for adults?

      Seriously, I think the swearing worked in this article you just need to go back to the fairies and unicorns gaming sites you usually visit.

        I am not particularly PC, but I just don't feel swearing has a place in any sort of journalism.

          First I thought you meant swear words were for console only gamers and the PC gaming master race was beyond such immaturity........then I realised I was an idiot.

      "apparently professional" "childish thing" "immaturity"

      Why don't you fuck off back to your cloister

    it'll work to a degree, but those who don't want to will have a blast

    Oh here we go, the anti-swearing PC elitist brigade has arrived. Have you ever stepped outside of your bubble? This has nothing to do with why gaming is seen as a childs medium, because well....It isn't seen that way any more lolz.

    $1 billion in revenue over 3 days and a $250 million budget for GTA V doesn't exactly give the impression of a childs medium.

    It says you're a bit dimwitted.

    Some of us tried...

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