DayZ's Wiggle Master Does Reddit AMA

Two days after the famous Wiggle Master was held at gunpoint and used some brilliant improvisational comedy to (almost) escape, he became aware of the video being posted to Youtube. And a very short time after that, his friends bugged him to do an Ask Me Anything post on Reddit, so we could all reflect on how even the best performances can't compete with the need for a backpack.

It turns out our 19 year old master of black magic lives in the corn fields of Ohio, and is even up for recording his voice for those who ask. Many in the thread have told him to become a voice actor. He posts in character about 50% of the time, but it sounds better 100% of the time if you read it in the Wiggle Master voice in your head:

I wanted to wiggle for these men due to the fact that the group I was with, which I had met less than an hour before the incident, delighted me with experimentation in the silly animations, like how in ArmA you could do that weird crouch thing....

So we were wiggling in front of the military base while we were waiting for one of our members to come back from a piss break. I was able to wiggle with such grace due to both natural ability and a blessing conferred by Hoxton.

I don't know if my friend with the rifle shot or not, but I know that I stopped it. This happened North of the military base by Kamenka, on the road to Zelengorsk, I believe. Next to a paenis wall.

I do wonder if the US-based bandits who killed the Wiggle Squad will have their voices recognised, and have karma come back to haunt them. But perhaps the larger, worldwide effect will be DayZ's newest sensation: Wiggling out of danger.

For those who haven't seen it, here's the video again:

Thanks, @vaegrand!


    Link to said AMA?

    Guys that shot the wiggle master are dicks. This is the funniest shit ever.

    Wife couldn't understand my fascination with this game. Then I showed her this. She completely understands now. She was in hysterics.

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