Dear Steam, What Will You Be Selling Me Today?

Steam sales are always pretty good, but this one — the 'spring' sale — seems to be especially humdinging. It seems like every day there are games I want, nay need, to spend money on. Today is no exception.

I mean, come on — Fez is $2.49. The store below our office charges $2.80 for a can of Coke Zero for Christ's sake. Let it be noted that I work in the tourist trap that is Circular Quay. I paid $2 for a banana once.

Portal 2 is $4.99. That seems equally as ridiculous for arguably one of the best games of the last five years. Civilization V is 75% off at $17.49 and The Wolf Among Us is 33% off at $16.74.

There are a lot of good deals.

And if you missed some over the weekend you still have time to take Steam up on sales like The Witcher 2 for $4.99 and Batman: Arkham City for $7.49. Good stuff.


    Far Cry 3 seems to be a great deal. FYI it's cheaper to get the base game and Deluxe DLC separately.

      Ahh... am I crazy or is Deluxe Edition ($12.48) actually cheaper than FC3 + Blood Dragon separately ($8.73 + $6.09 = $14.82)...


      Sorry, StickMan meant the Deluxe DLC ($2.98) not Blood Dragon. My bad, didn't think it through!

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    You should put a contact at the bottom of articles for Steam sales directing people to financial advisors and they can tell us if spending money on games we won't play for a year or two but absolutely must have them in our libraries is a good idea. Of course, none of us would follow their sensible, grounded advice, but at least pretend that you're socially responsible Mark :P

      I'm a financial advisor. It is a good idea.

    I'm in the position where I see games on sale that I really want to play, then realise that I already thought the same thing in the last sales and bought it (but never found time to play it). I guess it's good in a way, since it reminds me of where all money went and why I spent it.

    and the xmas sale is supposed to start on the 19th...
    is there no respite from decent deals?

    Everything that's 75% off I've already got. Everything I want is only 50% off. Nothing has grabbed me yet apart from getting Papa and Yo for $1.

    I haven't been overly impressed with the specials - but in a way that's a good thing, as the new consoles have left my wallet a little tired.

    I was thinking of getting a 3DS, but I don't know.

    Tempted to nab the sale price for wolf Among Us. From what I've heard that series is going to be very promising.

      Do it man. One of the best games of the year in my opinion. And a step up from the walking dead series :)

    I finally picked up Shadowrun and Spelunky. I am so lame.

      picking up Shadowrun automatically makes you not lame.

    Waiting on DMC. Bought dishonered game of the year edition. Needed just the dlc, was cheaper than buying all the dlc separate.

    DMC is awesome. Some absolutely mental levels in there.

    Hi my name is Weresmurf and I'm a Steamaholic... it's been....never.... since my first Steamaholics anonymous meeting and I really want to say.... SCREW GIVING THIS UP!!!!!! Sooooo many good deals :D *drooooooool*

    My wallet hates me. I hate myself for being this broke. No I don't. *ohgodwhy*. Pleasehelpmegaben.

      Would it help if I pointed out that Arma 3 is 25% off? Not the biggest discount but a hell of a good game

    Fortunately there's been bugger all I've wanted so far. Only bought legend of grimrock & contagion. Of course the problem with contagion was I bought a 4 pack for my mates so I didn't exactly save much money

    With the more and more sales they have the less and less I'm buying because either I already own the games or are games I'm not interested in.

    Looks like I'm buying Payday 2 today.

    jesus I have been buying at least 4 games a day since these sales have started.
    Also have bought a few for friends as well

    <3 Steam

    Very tempted by Far Cry 3. How bad / invasive is the uPlay stuff? I've avoided it so far for this reason, but having recently got an account for Mighty Quest without needing any sort of client installed, what does this one need?
    Also tempted by Fez for that price, I suspect I may already have it from a humble sale of some sort. I can't remember though...

      Uplay is more annoying in concept than in practice, it's utterly superfluous and obviously exists exclusively as an attempt to further control their market but once you get the game running, its pretty much transparent.

      I've got FC3 on uplay alone so I'm not entirely sure how it handles things like coop game invites if you have the steam version but I'd expect you'd need to be uplay friends with anyone you invite as well.

      +1 to just being another window you click Play on.

      Uplay is rather infuriating.

      I have not played Far cry 3 in ages due to this fact.

    The only game I've bought so far is Deponia, oh and Shank via Greenman Gamings 4 Play sale.
    I'm actually quite suprised at how sensible I've been. I know that between BF4 and the pile of Raymond E Fiest books I want to re-read, I'll probably never play games I buy at the moment.

    The Xmas sale....... thats going to be a whole other story.

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    I'm fairly pleased - 3 of the 5 games on my wishlist have come in at 75-80% off in the past couple days, so with a bit of restraint I think I'm done buying games for the year.

    I've already bought a few games. Deep breath: Euro Truck Simulator 2, Final Fantasy VII, Duke Nukem 2, Duke Nukem 1, Papers, Please, Dead Island Collection, Dishonored, Max Payne 3, Call of Juarez Gunslinger, Monaco, Blood Dragon.

    Max Payne was a pretty good deal yesterday. Also if Crusader Kings 2 pops up at any point make sure you all buy it. Best game ever.

    the other day ARMA2 with all DLC was 8 bucks! I missed it by 2 minutes, I then proceeded to jump off a 20 story building!

    Wow... this feels a little unreal. A Steam sale, and everything that's on sale is either in the "no interest whatsoever" or "already have it" categories. I'm waiting for a flash sale to drop Rocksmith+DLC a little further - it's currently it's looking to be ~$85 in song packs +$25 for the game (and that's both with the current 50% discount)... +$10 for the import tool. $120. If that's all I buy this Steam sale, though, I'll consider that I got off easy.

    So, will probably pick up the original and its DLC before the sale ends, but might wait for the 2014 DLC to drop a bit (or for the cost to sting a little less); after all, I can't recall ever spending over $100 on DLC for one game before, and I don't particularly relish the thought of setting a precedent.

    Good thing there's nothing else on sale that piques my interest...

      Gotta buy a cord irl too remember. Also rocksmith 2014 was on flash sale this morning, it was like 5 dollars off the normal sale price (33 bucks). none of the DLC/transfer was though.

      I advise buying the physical edition with the cord of the original or 2014, then buying the rest online (it all installs into steam anyway).

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        Oh, I've already got 2014 and a cord, and getting the rest via Steam was pretty much my plan. Been playing for the past couple of weeks, two hours every night, and having a blast. Just really want access to the huge library of existing tracks from the old game, which are inaccessible due to an issue with Steam DLC/Game IDs, from what I've read.

        I heard the Rocksmith 2014 DLC and importer were also discounted for about 30mins at the start of the flash sale... So they won't be going on sale any time soon, if the speed with which the discount was revoked is anything to go by.

          Yeah I don't think you should expect that to go on sale again :P I've had both, since it finally came out in Australianland (only at the end of 2012). It's def worth expanding those libraries, pity the huge DLC packs arn't available like they were at the original rocksmith launch.

          Think of it as a learning tool, lessons would cost a lot more :P (But I guess playing along to tabs on the internet is free)

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            Yea... been treating it as a learning tool. I've tried the "learn from youtube and tabs" thing several times but would always burn out after a couple of weeks. Being able to just jam out on easy (in most cases) to good music really helps to keep you going. Conversely, being constantly challenged keeps making you want to improve. Nothing it throws at you seems impossible, which is really encouraging.

              The only thing I feel is a shame is that people are put off from getting it, because of kotaku and other video games websites poor original understanding of HDMI input lag, especially since the game came with a giant diagram saying not to use hdmi.

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