Desperate For News On Dragon Age: Inquisition?

Briefly: Desperate for news on Dragon Age: Inquisition? BioWare's got a new blog post up today with some cool screenshots and a few details about their progress on the game, still slated for fall 2014. It's a good read for Dragon Age fans.


    This game is suddenly looking pretty underwhelming. It is like at the end of dragon age 2' development cycle they decided that it hadn't been watered down enough in terms of game play. I really hope that the pc version does not play like this (or look like this graphically either).

      Have to disagree there. I am simply getting more and more excited. Considering the stage of development that they are at and have gotten one of their "holiday" builds up in a pre-alpha state i think it looks great and from the PAX demo i saw i thought the gameplay looked good.

      Most likely won't see this till august-october.

        For me personally, dragon age worked best when it was not skyrim. I don't really want a tonne of loosely joined together scenarios, I would however love to control a cast of characters that each have their own personal interests. This just seems like we are going to be shoved into a some what sandbox like world where the graphics are kind of par for the course and game play seems pretty shallow.

          but its not like skyrim... its just got much larger areas, and more things to do outside of the main quest (not to mention more freedom of how you handle story events as well). and while the demo looked like it was pretty easy, it definitely seems like theirs a lot more strategical depth possible with the new combat system compared to 2, and not more shallow.

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