Did Anyone Actually Choose Uplay?

Did Anyone Actually Choose Uplay?

Briefly: Did anyone actually choose Uplay? The “Thank you for choosing Uplay” message that pops up every time a game is launched from within Ubisoft’s game control service gets funnier every time I see it. Redditor Purkle agrees.


  • A strange popup it be… but me thinks that by purchasing Ubisoft games abd installing Uplay, youre technically choosing to use it.

    It bothered me at first but its actually not that annoying.

      • I LOVED Farcry3 Blood Dragon!!
        I HATED having to log into Uplay because of the DRM. (minor inconvenience rrly)
        I DON’T have any other games using Uplay.

  • I sometimes use the points that are mostly connected to in game trophies. Then use them to unlock the occasional in game bonus. I cash them in after forgetting that I’ve amassed a heap. But an extra holster or outfit in assassin’s creed isn’t too big a deal.

  • Uplay, Origin, Steam and the rest of the digital providers are fine. Whats not fine is buying a product through one platform and then being forced to use another platform just because you brought it from the “wrong” seller.

    If i by a game on Steam, then that game should work only through steam and not another platform just like if i buy a game on Uplay then it should work through uplay and not load up steam or origin. You know just like how if we buy Borderlands 2 from JB-HI we dont go and tell Gamestop that we just got Borderlands 2 from a rival company

    • Uplay is the reason I haven’t bought Far Cry 3 or Trials Evolution in Steam. Will pirate instead. After getting Driver San Francisco with bonus uplay, never again.

      • That’s a shame. FC3 is super fun to play. I’m a Steam man through and through, but I put up with Uplay so I can enjoy Far Cry. It’s never been an issue for me, although it seems to download updates for itself at ridiculously slow speeds (sometimes 10Kb/sec).

  • Haven’t installed it. Sick of all the 3rd Party Software required to play my game. I personally just want to choose my 1 vendor (in this case Steam) and only play it from there.

    Much like thyco said. I dont mind them, just if I buy it through one platform, I only want it via that platform.

    Steam’s my BFF.

  • Did anyone choose Origin? Or Steam when it was first released?
    I actually like the Uplay UI, it works well with a gamepad on my HTPC. AC4 in 60″ of 1080p glory FTW!

    • Steam shat me when it was released. Because I pre-ordered Half-Life 2, and when I wanted to install my shiny new awesome game, the sequel the ENTIRE WORLD (*cough* no hyperbole, really!) had been waiting for, I discovered I had to wait in line while the ENTIRE WORLD went through the online authentication DRM for a single-player, offline experience.

      I wanted to march right up to Valve HQ and burn the building down. (After evacuating everyone safely, of course. I’m not a monster.)

      Nowadays, Steam is absolutely my choice. No-one does what it does. Origin tries, and fails. And this is where the problem is. We didn’t choose Steam originally, it was forced on us. But we choose it now. The implication that the same could happen for uPlay, however? Doesn’t hold up. The reason is because uPlay is trying to do something that’s already being done. And being done much better. It’s adding an extra burden, with no reward. Where Steam now gives as much as it takes, there is no benefit to the consumer in uPlay.

      You don’t compete with how things first were for the market leader. You compete with what the market leader is doing NOW. And though uPlay is only trying to do a very small portion of what Steam does, that’s it’s weakness and that’s it’s failing. Because it only does a small portion, we still use Steam for all the rest. Meaning redundancy as they force us to use both. Redundancy and resentment.

  • I got Rayman Legends on Steam and Uplay made it pretty much unplayable. I had to crack the game I bought through Steam to actually play it. I will never purchase a game that uses this restrictive service on PC ever again.

  • It’s fine on the PS3 – remembers your login details so you never have to dig out the password when you get a new Ubi game. I like that aspect, plus the little freebies for unlocking things are nifty.

    Haven’t used it on PC, so maybe it’s just consoles that it’s actually good for.

  • well, i brought Driver San Francisco on it for $1 during some sale, so yes yes i did choose uplay

  • I wish I had the option to choose uplay or not, then I could actually play ubisoft games instead of the damn uplay updates keep failing. Ubisoft are no help at all, after going through the process with their support team for two weeks, all they could come up with was uninstall and reinstall. That worked as well as you’d imagine. Still haven’t bought Black Flag because of this

  • My Ubisoft games have just stopped working on my PC, Uplay refuses to connect to the internet and Ubi support was useless. Still can’t play AC4 🙁

    • hey, go to Local Disc C:/Windows/System32/Drivers/etc then check the host file may be some uplay blocks, a while ago this happened to me for some reason with the pirate bay

  • The uplay bonuses you get for playing the game, should be included in the goddamn game. Ubi dlc is getting really annoying.

  • Uplay made me a pirate. I bought blood dragon and uplay wouldn’t let me login. After a lengthy back and forth with their tech ppl…who ignored me I gave up and downloaded a torrent version that worked perfect.

  • If you buy a game on steam, you SHOULD NOT have to open another client in order to play the game you bought. That’s one of many things i don’t like about Uplay.

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