​Did You Get A PS4 Or An Xbox One?

​Did You Get A PS4 Or An Xbox One?

The next-gen dust has settled enough to begin to get a sense of just who picked up which new console. So, we thought we’d just ask.

Both Sony and Microsoft are crowing about various sales numbers based on various metrics. But let’s leave all that aside for a moment. If you read Kotaku and picked up a PS4 or an Xbox One sometime in the last month, I’m curious to hear from you.

So! A poll (Updated for Australian readers only):

[polldaddy poll=7654760]

(And yeah, I know I’m leaving off Wii U. Since most people have had a year to decide whether or not to buy one, for now I wanted to just focus on how the two new consoles were doing among our readership.)


    • Same. Built a PC a couple months before the new console came out. No regrets. I probably will get a PS4 some time next year though, I don’t want to play last-gen Metal Gear Solid V.

    • I like to think as my self as a pure gamer so I tend to own any system capable of playing games. PC, XBOXES, PS1/2/3/4, Galaxy note (2014) etc.


      • This. My PC is no slouch, and I have the PS2/3/4 and Wii. Now the XBox360 is cheap I’ll probably pick one of those of those, and an XBox One and Wii U next year.

      • I totally agree. Platform doesn’t matter. And until there’s an absolutely must-have title for the PS4, I won’t be tipping my toe into the next-gen pool 🙂

    • While my XBOX One games aren’t working because of internet stuff, crashes (I’m convinced BF4 has poisoned my XBOX One) and installations I’ve been playing New Super Mario Bros on the off screen. It’s brilliant. Being able to use YouTube on the Wii U game pad while playing on the XBOX One is also pretty sweet.

      • Now, if only I could combine the HDMI in powers of the Xbone with the second screen powers of the Wii U… then I could watch games from my other consoles on the gamepad, at the same time as watching cricket over summer. That would be totally sweet.

    • I’m really really really considering it after Super Mario 3D World came out… despite having got a PS4.

    • Same. I won’t bother with either of them until there’s a must-have console exclusive game coming out. Right now, there’s nothing to even remotely tempt me.

  • Picked up the XBox One, the lure of Forza was too great for me. Will probably pick up a PS4 in time.

  • Got a ps4. Already have a media player 😉

    Sucks that there are barely any games out now and for some time, but I’m loving the game capture and sharing, brings with it a heap of potential.

  • PS4 master race reporting in. Stupid end of year being filled up with social gatherings leavig little time for gaming. People are so inconsiderate

  • This could be an interesting poll, whilst all of Australia won’t do this poll, we do know that the XBOX broke sales records in Australia (over 60,000 in the first few days + ongoing sales), but we are led to believe that Sony didn’t ship enough units into the country.

    At this point with pre-Christmas stock arriving also, it will give us an indication as to whether the stock situation for Sony improved. Completely anecdotal of course, but with an early lead in the poll, perhaps Sony might be in front inside Australia at the moment?

  • PS4! I’ve enjoyed it, but am in the waiting for new games phase now. inFamous: Second Son seems so far away. This phase is something I knew was going to happen though. Completely satisfied with it otherwise.

    • Same, got a ps4 on day 1 but BF4 is the only thing left for me to play on it at this early stage. Killzone was a bit meh, haven’t tried Knack, not interested in COD Ghosts, already played Flower.

      I’ve heard good thing about Black Flag though… hmm.

      • Black Flag is excellent, if you’re looking for something to play on it. CoD Ghosts is a horrible pile of steaming *$%* which I completely regret buying, I’ve put about an hour into it and hated every second, they should make Infinity Ward and Treyarch team up and produce a game less frequently, Ghosts just feels like it exists because it was CoD time of the year and they had to push one out, laziest effort to date, Battlefield are actually evolving their gameplay whereas CoD is getting very stale.

      • Battlefield 4…

        I got it. It works literally about 50% of the time. You either can’t connect to a server, or when you’re in one, you’ll eventually get a CE error (game crashes to the dashboard) or you just loose connection to the server.

        I’d wait until the bugs are ironed out, if ever.

      • I thought there was gonna be a next gen version of Arkham Origins. I was really looking forward to play it on PS4.

  • I havent regretted getting my Xbox One. been an awesome console so far. voice commands work well. app switching is great and its got decent games so far (love dead rising!).

    plus with restricted HDMI Space i love having my Apple TV plugged in passthrough on the Xbox.

    Still prefer my PC for a lot of things but console wise its great!

    Will probably be picking up a PS4 when the price drops start happening over the next year or so.

    • You can’t seriously believe that there’ll be a price drop for the PS4 (or the Xbone for that matter), that early in the lifecycle, especially when you consider how well they’re selling. I don’t think either company will even think about price drops for 3 – 4 years or more.

      • Both Xbox 360 and PS3 did price cuts within 1-2 years. I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect something similar happening this generation.

        • Yeah, because the XBox 360 had a lot of issues (Red Ring Of Death), and the PS3 launched at an absolutely insane price.

          • No, it’s because they wanted to introduce a larger hard drive version for xbox 360 and then adjusted the price entry. I don’t see how you can blame it on RRoD, it was still an ongoing issue at that stage.
            Yes, PS4 was overpriced. That said, companies still want to boost sales that might be waning for a variety of reasons. PS2, PS1, Xbox, Gamecube, and Dreamcast all had price drops within the first two years. Major price drops, up to 30% off. There is a clear history of price drops within 2 years.

        • also PS3’s launch price was huuge in comparison, I don’t see the price dropping much over the next couple of years.

          • Yup, these consoles are very well priced when compared to previous generations. You might see a new model with larger HDD before you see any price cuts. Especially when you have customers ordering when stock isn’t even available.

  • Neither – waiting til after January to pick up a PS4 and would love to see a PS4/Vita bundle as well

  • Picked up an Xbox One, passing-through my Foxtel. Am really enjoying being able to snap EPL matches on the side while I play FIFA, voice controls are really nifty as well.

  • Neither, will be picking one up next year for Destiny, and will lean most likely for the PS4 since the Sony first party developers are looking like they’ll bring out some really nice exclusives.

  • Let be honest, neither console is really worth getting yet but at the same time both are selling very very well. This is great as healthy competition is exactly what we need.

    In saying that, I love new toys and love blowing money on them. Xbox for me 🙂

  • Both for me. Played neither last night as I was playing Mario 3D World on the Wii U with MrsBS. Fun times.

  • XBone day 1. Controller & Forza sold it for me despite the lower res graphics.

    PS4 when there is a must play game and/or price comes down. I’m sure there’ll be something in the must play column soon enough and I’ll be forking out the hard earned for another console.

  • None, I have my desktop rig. And I now have a HTPC gaming rig. And since I have all the other consoles and a big backlog, I’m doing okay.

    I’ll wait until a $400 PS4 bundle appears, maybe.

  • PS4, Forza’s money grabbing ways, and my brother’s dead XB1 that still isn’t replaced weeks later pushed me to the PS4.

  • I’ll be getting a PS4 as soon as I can. Sounds like I’ll be waiting until February at least.

  • I purchased an Xbone, and tbh, its fucking terrible.

    – Doesnt play MKV files
    – Zero good games
    – Must have Windows 8 on your pc to get the full use out of its streaming capabilities
    – Interface was laggy up until the recent patch
    – TV features only work with pay TV cable boxes
    – Cannot browse files on your home computer, you have to physically walk to your computer, open WMP, select the file you want to play, right click the file, and click on ‘send to xbone’. Oh and that only works if you have Xbox Video open on your Xbone.

    This is just off the top of my head. There are more issues i just cant think of right at this moment.

    TLDR – dont buy an Xbone, they’re fucking terrible.

    • Much Bone.

      Doge want bone. Doge no complain for much bonez. Ohlawdhalpme so mcuh fail. probs forgetz to trun on teh dogeplayer xbone. lululuul

    • Got both.

      Mostly use my xbone though… especially for netflix 🙂
      Don’t watch broadcast TV anyway, so not much of a loss.
      Overall, really like the xbone.
      Like the way you can easily flick back & forth between netflix and games with voice commands.
      There are some flakey bits though, for sure.

      PS4 is the best if all you want to do is pop in a disc and play, but its online component is like old mans balls. Go to the store and it opens a goddamn web browser! Compared to the xbone it feels incomplete. The PSN website is a bit crap to boot.

      Sadly only game on either to hold my attention is AC Black Flag.

      Curious as to why you bought xbone though given that all of your complaints thrashed out in public well before launch?

      • I was unaware of these issues before i bought it. Granted i probably should have researched it more before buying, however why should i have to? Microsoft claimed to have made a brilliant all around home entertainment system, and i believed them. Turns out they were full of shit and actually created something, that in my opinion is actually worse than the Xbox 360. Some of the changes they made just make no sense to me at all. For instance, why remove WMC? Why remove pc file browsing? Why only allow you to control pay tv cable boxes and not free to air television?

    • Well then. Consider your account terminated.

      PS stop storing your Dora the Explorer jpegs in your Xbox Cloud drive. Its embarassing Kid.

      PPS – Fight me IRL. I must warn you I do lift. I lift horses and screw supermodels. Come at me!

  • Xbone. Love it. Very glad it has a blu-ray player so I can basically retire my PS3 once I’ve finally gotten around to playing Journey. I know they’ve forced Kinect on us but I’m enjoying the voice commands this time, even if only because it means I don’t have to buy a media remote just to watch a movie, though I’m also playing games that use it as well. Vast improvement over the original.

    • Can you record your own voice commands or does it just rely on static keywords you have to know? I imagine its the later but the thought of controlling an XB1 with a variety of silly noises corresponding to commands amuses me greatly

      • You can’t but I’d like to see it patched in. Right now I think the Kinect could do it, but I’d imagine the main OS interface keywords are optimised to be recognised by the Kinect and they’d want the thing to appear as functional as possible near launch.

        On the bright side at least they let us call it XBOX. I’d imagine at some point one of their marketing genius wanted to make it so you had to say “The One…” instead of “XBOX…”. It could have led to some really lame forced nickname situations.

  • PS4 Day 1. Didn’t really need to buy it , but I have PS+ so I figured “what the hey”. Currently switching between PC (Starbound) and PS3 (The Last of Us) gaming at the moment. I do want them to update the software to include media streaming and removal of the HDCP. You can’t even hook it up to your DVI only monitor for f*** sake.

  • Got an Xbone, Forza 5, Dead Rising 3, Ryse: Son Of Rome, NBA 2K14, Need For Speed: Rivals, Skylanders: Swap Force, a Play And Charge kit, and downloaded XBox Fitness, Killer Instinct, Powerstar Golf, and Peggle 2. Enjoying the games so far, but I hate the Micro-Transactions for full priced games, Kinect, and the dashboard.

    Dissapointed I wasn’t able to get a PS4, will be getting one early next year though once stores start getting more stock in after all the pre-orders have been filled.

  • Neither at the moment, I’ll be getting a Xbone and a PS3 sometime next year. May get a PS4 sometime in the future as well.

  • Neither for me yet, between medical bills, regular bills and helping out my brother with his regular bills, I’m pretty much dead broke. I’m thinking of getting a PS4 first but I’ll end up with both.

    There’s no real hurry for me though, in terms of games for each system I think Cold Chisel say it best

  • PS4 day one. Unfortunately, picked up Rocksmith 2014 the week before, and FTB started releasing the 1.6.4 pack updates over the last couple of weeks… so have had precious little time to spend playing Killzone and AC4.

  • I bought None. I anticipate buying none.

    Neither console has anything to offer me now or in the near future.

  • Picked up the Xbox One. Had the PS3 and 360 last gen, wont be making that mistake this time. They’re just too similar games wise, while the One craps on the PS4 for media.

    If I go multi console this gen I’ll pick up a Wii U.

    • One craps on the PS4 for media.

      To be fair they’re both rolling in their own feces when it comes to media. I’m hopeful we’ll see some patched in functionality but right now it’s like watching two morons cheat off each other. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I can’t play an AVI file on my PS4 or XBOX One. Right now my best bet is to run my 360 through the XBOX One’s HDMI input if I want to play movies. That just seems absurd.
      I think if you use one of their services exclusively the XBOX One does it better, although I think the PS4 can play music in the background of the game.

      Overall I’m really happy with both of them and I know launches tend to be a little dry at the best of times, but I really wasn’t expecting to be this reliant on the XBOX 360.

      • Ignoring codec issues (since I can’t transcode to it yet), I can PlayTo most things from my PC or phone to my Xbox One. I also enjoy being able to instant switch between TV, Hulu and Netflix. Once the OneGuide comes to Aus and full voice functionality for media the Xbox, it’ll be awesome. Sony had more functionality last generation with PlayTV and Bluray, but every app felt different, there was no coherence, and PlayTV was pretty much left abandoned.

  • PS4. I’m sure the XBO is fine but I generally prefer Sony consoles for the better variety of games, and with it being cheaper and all those multiplats running in higher resolution on PS4 it wasn’t a difficult choice.

  • Neither, for now. Eventually I’ll be getting the PS4, then however long after that I’ll probably pick up an Xbox One if there are enough interesting exclusives.

  • Day 1 PS4 with Killzone – Shadow Fall. Beautiful game! and actually pretty difficult compared to the likes of COD. Multiplayer is a load of fun too.

  • will wait until 2015, me getting 3ds and wii u 😀 2015 for kingdom hearts 3 and hopefully new model of ps4 and vita bundle

  • I also bought both (and have a fairly serious gaming PC)…

    I’m much happier with the PS4 than the Xbox one – the OS software is far more complete on the PS4. The Xbox One is obviously unfinished.

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