​Did You Get A PS4 Or An Xbox One?

 Did You Get A PS4 Or An Xbox One?

The next-gen dust has settled enough to begin to get a sense of just who picked up which new console. So, we thought we'd just ask.

Both Sony and Microsoft are crowing about various sales numbers based on various metrics. But let's leave all that aside for a moment. If you read Kotaku and picked up a PS4 or an Xbox One sometime in the last month, I'm curious to hear from you.

So! A poll (Updated for Australian readers only):

(And yeah, I know I'm leaving off Wii U. Since most people have had a year to decide whether or not to buy one, for now I wanted to just focus on how the two new consoles were doing among our readership.)


    Neither at the moment, I'll be getting a Xbone and a PS3 sometime next year. May get a PS4 sometime in the future as well.

    Neither for me yet, between medical bills, regular bills and helping out my brother with his regular bills, I'm pretty much dead broke. I'm thinking of getting a PS4 first but I'll end up with both.

    There's no real hurry for me though, in terms of games for each system I think Cold Chisel say it best

    PS4 day one. Unfortunately, picked up Rocksmith 2014 the week before, and FTB started releasing the 1.6.4 pack updates over the last couple of weeks... so have had precious little time to spend playing Killzone and AC4.

    I bought None. I anticipate buying none.

    Neither console has anything to offer me now or in the near future.

    Picked up the Xbox One. Had the PS3 and 360 last gen, wont be making that mistake this time. They're just too similar games wise, while the One craps on the PS4 for media.

    If I go multi console this gen I'll pick up a Wii U.

      One craps on the PS4 for media.

      To be fair they're both rolling in their own feces when it comes to media. I'm hopeful we'll see some patched in functionality but right now it's like watching two morons cheat off each other. Correct me if I'm wrong, but I can't play an AVI file on my PS4 or XBOX One. Right now my best bet is to run my 360 through the XBOX One's HDMI input if I want to play movies. That just seems absurd.
      I think if you use one of their services exclusively the XBOX One does it better, although I think the PS4 can play music in the background of the game.

      Overall I'm really happy with both of them and I know launches tend to be a little dry at the best of times, but I really wasn't expecting to be this reliant on the XBOX 360.

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        Ignoring codec issues (since I can't transcode to it yet), I can PlayTo most things from my PC or phone to my Xbox One. I also enjoy being able to instant switch between TV, Hulu and Netflix. Once the OneGuide comes to Aus and full voice functionality for media the Xbox, it'll be awesome. Sony had more functionality last generation with PlayTV and Bluray, but every app felt different, there was no coherence, and PlayTV was pretty much left abandoned.

    PS4. I'm sure the XBO is fine but I generally prefer Sony consoles for the better variety of games, and with it being cheaper and all those multiplats running in higher resolution on PS4 it wasn't a difficult choice.

    Neither, for now. Eventually I'll be getting the PS4, then however long after that I'll probably pick up an Xbox One if there are enough interesting exclusives.

    Day 1 PS4 with Killzone - Shadow Fall. Beautiful game! and actually pretty difficult compared to the likes of COD. Multiplayer is a load of fun too.

    will wait until 2015, me getting 3ds and wii u :D 2015 for kingdom hearts 3 and hopefully new model of ps4 and vita bundle

    I also bought both (and have a fairly serious gaming PC)...

    I'm much happier with the PS4 than the Xbox one - the OS software is far more complete on the PS4. The Xbox One is obviously unfinished.

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