EB Games' Mad Monday Sale Starts Tonight, Might Only Be Worth It For The Hourly Deals

EB Games is at it again tomorrow with its annual "Mad Monday" sale. Right now, hitting up the site takes you to a single-image takeover announcing the impending deal shower, though running an eye over the prices released to members via email tells a less than exciting story.

As comments in this OzBargain post by user "wonderboy" point out, most if not all of the deals are as good, or worse, than prices offered by retailers such as Big W on a regular basis. If you'd like to take a gander yourself, you'll find them in what can only be described as the world's most vertical MS Paint copy-and-paste.

That said, EB Games will apparently be doing hourly specials that are worth taking a look at, some of which you'll find below, courtesy of store rep "Hasquarl":

10:00am-10:59am — Fifa 14 Collector's Edition $68

12:00pm-12:59pm — Pokemon X & Y $44 each

2:00pm-2:59pm — Astro A40 Headset $227

5:00pm-5:59pm — GTA V $55

The Pokemon X & Y prices for example, are actually decent. EB's also doing a guarantee of sorts, with orders that miss Christmas receiving a $20 gift card. Joy.

Mad Monday 2013 [EB Games, via OzBargain]


    Most of the games listed are on sale are for $68.00. Goto jbhifi and you can grab them for 10 bucks more. Or im sure big w and kmart are even cheaper. what a joke

      EB is is a joke

        Yeah because letting you 7 day return and matching competitors prices is bad practice right. They are a business. They want to make money.

          They dont always match competitors prices. Heck, they don't even always match their own online prices. Their prices for the most part are over the top. Also, I've had too many bad experiences as a customer at EB, as have many of my friends. So yeah, EB is a joke.


          Last edited 08/12/13 2:10 pm

            That's incorrect. You can return a game after several weeks under Australian Consumer Law if the product was defective when sold. EB's return policy allows you to return the game for any reason on top of this (within the 7 day period, of course), as long as the customer hasn't damaged it themselves,

          "They have to make money" is not a legitimate excuse for having a lame sale. Not that they need an excuse really, they can do whatever shitty sales they want. But hyping it up to be the most ridiculous sale of the year and using phrases like "insane prices" is pretty stupid.


          Also, the 7 day return and price matching is an expectation. You expect that, you do not thank them for doing what is a common business practice as if they're doing you a favour. They are begrudgingly allowing you to do that.

          Last edited 08/12/13 4:30 pm

            Do you often fall over much when you walk? .. just curious.

            You mention the whole 7 day return and price much is an expectation? Lol.
            No other retailer for any product, let alone games, lets you own something for 7 days, use the hell out of it and then go ... meh over it, lets swap it for something else. For no reason at all, and without question. JB sure as hell don't let me swap a game for a new one because I don't like the first one. If it's due to it being faulty, then sure it makes sense, but no chance if you want to keep replacing it over and over for no legitimate reason other than, this sucks.

            Oh and price matching, EB Games will always price match if it makes sense.
            There are of course exceptions.
            Hi I saw Forza 5 at Big W for $68, can you price match this Forza 5 collectors edition?
            NO, of course they can't, because it isn't the same product.
            Hi, I saw Forza 5 and Big W for $68, can you price match the same edition?
            Rings Big W, sorry we are out of stock. Sorry we can't price match an item if they don't have it.
            Anything else to add to that?

            JB price matches, but it's usually a bit more tedious because there are so many departments, and each person needs to check with the department and other competitors before they can do so.
            Still, they offer it, which is good.

            I love product/brand/store bashing in general.
            Never makes sense, just always the same. Oh I'll never use them because I don't want to use them.
            Good for you, doesn't make the other one crap, just keep your unnecessary opinion to yourself.

            Damn internet these days.

        EB - is not for us. If you read Kotaku, odds are you either buy from JB or from places like Ozgameshop, and only shop at EB for convenience/credit etc.

        They're for the mums & dads who are buying the new CoD or Pokemon for their kid's birthday and have no idea that they're spending 40% more than they need to. Fair enough. EB has their market so are going to milk it as long as they can.

          As much as I love my local JB, their games dept SUCKS. I don't care how much cheaper they are on a product, they do not have anyone with the in-depth knowledge as EB next door do.

            But JB don't have annoying sales people doing everything they can to make you make a transaction you are not interested in during your lunch break. No, I don't want to pre-order something else. No, I don't want to sell an old game.

              The JB I go to does that, the only ones who don't are my mates who work there, cause they know I am not interested in the extras. My local EB only ask if you want scratch insurance for disks, or an extra controller or other accessories with new consoles. Shame you go to a store with annoying people.

          I buy everything from EB, priced matched of course because everywhere else is cheaper.

      The deal where you buy $50 of xbox Live credit, and get $70 is pretty good. That's just free money

    Not the 3DS bundle. EB are just claiming nintendo's ongoing promo as part of their bundle.

    Might as well mention "free charger and box" as part of the bundle.

    Persona 4 Golden for $25 interests me. Is it regularly available for a better price elsewhere? I was going to download it off the PS Store, but for that price I was thinking of picking it up.

      JB hifi has had it listed for $27 since it was released, but either way, it is definitely worth grabbing!

    Did someone say BigW has it cheaper? In the catalogue maybe, but they never have stock...its a joke. I was there on Xbox One launch day and they had one copy of Forza...should be illegal. Even BigW staff complain about their advertised prices and not having stock.

    My inlaws just got Pokemon for my son from Big W for about that price, no hourly sale needed.

      But the chance of being able to repeat that at Big W again is hard. Since my local one doesn't really stock 3DS games same with Kmart.

        Really? Is it a small store? Even the KMarts and BigW's in Tasmania stock heaps of 3DS games.

          Nah, it services it a region of 200,000 people, and we're only an hour south of Brisbane and join up with the Gold Coast. Just their games/music/dvd & blu-ray dept SUCKS.

            Huh, this was at the Garden City Big W, just north of where you are, and we've rarely not gotten a recent game when we look.

              Yeah I dunno, they had Pokemon X & Y nothing else though heh.

    The only thing tempting is the potential for some cheap Portal stuff, and event hen I'm not expecting anything amazingly cheap, but worth a look on the off-chance.

    ITT: Entitled arseholes. Be grateful EB are having this sale before Christmas, allowing people to nab some games or a console or whatever for a Christmas present a little cheaper.

      Calling out a hyped up sale as being underwhelming isn't being entitled.

        This is the first i'd heard of it.. I find it hard that people say there are no bargains when for 48 bucks you can get BF4 Limited edition on console, when it's regular price is 98 bucks.

    The PS3 500GB bundle seems pretty good value. Rest of the stuff, not so much.

    I love EB games just not their refurbished consoles and devices

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