Every Xbox Dashboard Leading Up To The Current Dashboard On Xbox One

Neat to see how much stuff has changed, no? GIF via (r/gaming)


    The whole reason I went PS3 first instead of Xbox was the horrible Xbox UI. Finally bought into Xbox when they went Metro, massive improvement over the blade and others!

      Those first two are just hideous. They are like the worst Winamp/Sonique skins you could find.

    someones been screaming "more squares! more SQUARES!!" for over a decade.

    wow... if only they kept the features that made Xbox live worth having then it would be awesome. currently my Xbox one feels like a downgraded windows 8 OS.

    Your news is always on Reddit first. It's amazing how you get paid for 'work' here.

    Ah, the first one. Haven't thought about that since the xbox360.

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