Fable Anniversary Launches February 6 With Free Day-One DLC

Fable Anniversary Launches February 6 With Free Day-One DLC

Lionhead Studios’ gorgeous 1080p HD remake of the original Fable is coming to North America on February 4, with an initial print run packed with goodies to insure chicken chasers pick it up on day one.

Packed inside each limited-run launch box of Fable Anniversary will be a code for the Launch Day Weapons and Outfits Pack, giving players access to the items in the following list:

  • Scythe’s Outfit
  • A Black Graduate Outfit
  • A Red Prophet Outfit
  • A Blue Guard Outfit
  • A Red Guard Outfit
  • A Lute Weapon
  • A Will User’s Sceptre Weapon

Early adopters will also score a Lion’s Head avatar item, and will generally feel pretty good about themselves. You can check out the outfits and other goodies over at Lionheads’ Blog.

Fable Anniversary will be available on the Xbox 360 February 4 in North America, February 6 in Australia/Asia, and February in Europe.


  • 360 only?


    Yes, I know there’s still support for the 360 for the immediate future, but a growing part of the xbox community have moved on.

    • Only suckers trade their consoles in. I’ve been playing my 360 more than my One. That is to be expected with a new launch though

      • i haven’t traded in my console but i have limited HDMI space and don’t want to be switching between hardware to play. If companies were already able to port last gen games (At launch) over why was this not slated for launch across both?

        • Probably because unlike AC or COD, this probably isn’t going to really sell all that much and therefore probably not worth the extra expense of trying to port to next gen too.

          • Yeah, but didn’t the original Fable come out on PC as well as XBox, meaning that it should be easier to port over to the Xbone (and presumably PS4) given that they’re both pretty much PC’s.

          • I can see that. But this close to launch. when consoles are screaming for new games. this would make some money.

        • I have the same issue, only got one HDMI port in the back of my monitor, it’s a real pain to have to mess around with switching cables. Once I get a few more optical cables, and a four port HDMI switch I might go back to my PS3 and 360 more..

        • Hdmi Switch? Jaycar has a 4 port one for 80 bucks. I’m sure you can get it much cheaper on Ebay though.

  • Pass on 360, too used to the One’s superior controller already!

    Also wtf with Day One “free” DLC, that’s just a patch son…

    • It just seems to be the standard limited edition DLC that publishers seem to have latched on to. Not just a patch, since the implication is that later purchases of the game won’t get it, out well have to pay.

  • Free day one dlc??? Why is that news worthy. Shouldn’t it just be on the disc? This makes no sense unless it’s something they couldn’t finish in time for pressing.

    • It’s the new thing for developers, or quite possibly publishers to do. The first major game I remember it on was Arkham City but was probably on something else before that as well

  • Day 1 weapons DLC, generally either game balance breakingly OP, or useless after a short time (or all of the above)

  • I didn’t think the Xbox 360 could output 1080p if the Xbox One only does 720p…Aren’t consoles supposed to improve on their predecessors?

    Nah, I’m just joking. I’m surprised a Playstation fanboy hasn’t done this already…

  • lol i can’t believe people are going to pass due to lack of hdmi ports.
    the xbone has hdmi in for a reason. i have my 360 plugged into it right now and it works fine.

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