Fake Toys Are Funnier Than Official Ones. Here's Proof.

Sure, you could buy official Lego and official nerdy trading cards for franchises like Batman or Star Wars. The toys would probably be well-made and exactly what you'd expect them to be. It would also be booooring.

YouTuber ashens obtained a number of bogus Asian toys, and he walks us through all the cheap plastic, awful packaging and irregular English that come with these playthings. Stumbling with language isn't in of itself funny — it happens — but the way some packaging seems to mix up different heroes all of a sudden is priceless. Really, all of this is kind of amazing — and there is at least one cool toy in here to boot (which is good, because surely some of these toys are bought precisely because they're cheaper — there's nothing wrong with that!)

Give it a watch.

Fake Lego - Star Wars, Turtles, Batman Begins cards | Ashens[Ashens]


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