Final Fantasy X And X-2 HD Won't Be Sold Separately On Vita

Final Fantasy X And X-2 HD Won't Be Sold Separately On Vita

If you were thinking you could just purchase Final Fantasy X-2 HD Remaster on Vita and forego the game that opens with a stunning musical number, think again. In a post on the PlayStation Blog today which also detailed the PlayStation 3 Collector's Edition, Square Enix confirmed the Vita version of the remakes are separate no more.

Trailers released earlier this month listed the Final Fantasy X | X-2 HD Remaster for the PlayStation 3, followed by two separate games for the Vita portable. Now Square Enix senior product manager Sakura Minamida says there'll be no separate release. On March 18 — the same day as the PlayStation 3 release — Vita owners can either download both games digitally for $US39.99, or purchase a retail version that comes with a physical copy of Final Fantasy X and a voucher for X-2.

I was kinda hoping I could just buy X-2, personally. Drat.

Meanwhile, on the PlayStation 3, it's Square Enix store exclusive collector's edition time!

Final Fantasy X And X-2 HD Won't Be Sold Separately On Vita

For $US79.99, fans will get the requisite bigger box, art book and lithographs, but the coolest bit is the Blu-ray soundtrack. Instead of just playing music, this baby goes inside your Blu-ray player and plays more than six hours of Final Fantasy X music accompanied by a sideshow of images from the game. I would pay good money for just that disc alone. More games need them. All games need them.

So, how are you planning to buy Final Fantasy X |X-2 HD Remaster?


    i preordered the special edition from Ozgameshop. hopefully it comes through!

    do you have to put a negative spin on everything?

    Wait so it's full x/x2 for ps3 and again for Vita?
    No cross buy? Oh well I will just play my ps2 copy via emulator on my htpc then.

    Getting it boxing day. Studying abroad has been the best decision I've made in a long time.

    Really wanted X-2 on a cart too so I could save mem card space :-/

    Got my order in for the squeenix store CE. Help me.

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