Final Fantasy XIV's Finest New Features Coming December 17

I really love the reborn Final Fantasy XIV, but it's the sort of love that can't be fully consummated until I can own my own in-game estate and fight a giant, crown-wearing Moogle. Thank goodness for December 17's massive patch 2.1. It's got everything.

I suppose some players are looking forward to the advancement of the game's core story, new battles with new bosses and tougher battles with old bosses, the player-versus-player arena and the random duty selector. Over on the official patch information page there are entire subsection dedicated to such things. That's lovely, and I wish them all the best.

I'll be barricaded in my private estate, plotting the Great Moogle Take-Down Caper. It's going to be epic.


    Uuuuugh, I want it to be the 17th already :

    Looks like more content then the entire new WoW expansion :P

    Last edited 07/12/13 4:52 pm

    Pretty sure housing is only for Free Companies atm, didn't say when it's coming for individuals

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