Finally, A Game About Having Sex With Your Friends

Finally, A Game About Having Sex With Your Friends

Clusterfuck is a card game you can play at parties. It's about sleeping with everyone around you. Easiest way to score an instant win? Have a threesome (in the game).

It's part of Cards Against Humanity's '12 Days of Holiday Bullshit.' Best of all? It's free.

Created by Zach Gage, Doug Wilson, and the Cards Against Humanity team, Clusterfuck looks like a fun way to spend some time with friends during the holidays. Although you probably shouldn't bring it to family dinner. If you didn't sign up for the Holiday Bullshit, you can download the game for free here.


    Don't think it will be flying off the shelves (where ever it might get sold....)
    Also would anyone play fair if all it took was to peek and bust up "threesums" :P Think I will stick with Uno >.

    Will Anita Sarkeesian be discussing this in her next episode of Feminist Frequency?

      Probably. Of course, you could show her some random pictures of pot plants and she'd figure out some way it's the evil patriarchy out to oppress women. While Anita highlights useful issues at times, she sure has some screws loose.

    Oh no! You drew the 'it broke' card....

    now you've got the herp.

    Finally a game about sex with friends?

    Somebody didn't play Spin the Bottle on Wii U ;)

      Someone didn't play Spin the Bottle with an actual bottle...

    is there an instant way of losing too? - drawing the 'friendzone' card.

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