First World Of Warcraft Movie Actors Revealed

First World of Warcraft Movie Actors Revealed

The World of Warcraft movie doesn't just have a release date. It has a cast now as well.

If you were expecting BIG NAMES on this list, you won't find them. The actors announced by Legendary and Universal Pictures are:

  • Ben Foster (Six Feet Under)
  • Travis Fimmel (Vikings)
  • Paula Patton (Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol)
  • Toby Kebbell (War Horse)
  • Rob Kazinsky (Pacific Rim)
  • Dominic Cooper (Captain America)

Note that obviously these aren't the only actors, just the first to be officially signed to the project, so the door is still open for big-name announcements later down the line. Or, not... the more famous the star, the more distracting it might be for a movie like this.

According to this report on Slashfilm, the movie starts filming early next year, with Blizzard's Mike Morhaime and Paul Sams acting as executive producers. Blizzard's Chris Metzen, Rob Pardo and Nick Carpenter will co-produce.

WarCraft Cast Revealed [Slashfilm]


    thats an A-List cast right there.
    haven't heard of a single one of them

      Travis Fimmel is the lead in the History Channel's Vikings series and he's quite good in that, so that gives me some hope.

        Honestly, even though I've probably seen all those actors in other stuff, I couldn't put faces to names.
        It's probably more a comment on my lack of film knowledge than that of their acting ability.

          Not really a bad thing in a movie like this. You don't want it to have the "Tom Cruise" effect as I like to call it.

          "Hey look, it's Tom Cruise playing Tom Cruise in the new movie staring Tom Cruise."

          Also, Ben Foster is an amazing actor. Has generally kept to fairly lesser known movies. Highly recommend checking out "Bang Bang You're Dead"


      For a movie with Blizzard's budget. I'm surprised with the cast. If this is an animated film, why not choose Video Game Voice superstars like Nolan North?

        It can't be animated, otherwise every character would be voiced by Chris Metzen.

        As far as I know the movie is live action (not animated, it uses real actors), which was pretty disappointing for me when I first heard about it.

        It's not an animated film, it's live action. Apparently even the Orcs will be live action with prosthetics, not CG.

        I like no-name actors, it's less of a distraction. Most the actors in Lord of the Rings were no-name enough for me not to know them at the time, and that worked out brilliantly (although they did try to get Sean Connery for Gandalf at first, which would have been a mishtake).

          You hadn't heard of Ian McKellan before? Really? And Elijah Wood? Sean Bean? Liv Tyler? Orlando Bloom? Hugo Weaving? Cate Blanchett?

          Yes, there were a fair few unknowns at the time, but there were plenty of big name actors in it too when you think about it.

          Last edited 05/12/13 2:00 pm

            *Ian McKellen. Must not be well known to you if you can't get his name right.

            I'd argue that Orlando Bloom only became famous because everyone thought Legolas was a badass with a bow in LotR. Before then, he was pretty much unknown.

            Nope, never heard of most of them pre-LotR.

            I must have seen Ian McKellen in Xmen first, which came out the year before LotR - apart from that one role I had never seen him before. What did you like him in before that?

            Elijah Wood - same, what do you remember him in before LotR? Deep Impact is all that comes to mind for me, and I only saw it after LotR.

            I'd seen Sean Astin in the Goonies, but didn't know his name, and didn't even remember he was in the Goonies until afterwards.

            Never heard of Orlando Bloom or Viggo Mortison or John Rhys-Davies pre-LotRs.

            Wikipedia lists Orlando Bloom as only having done one movie before LotRs ("Wilde" - never heard of it). Never heard of Christopher Lee before LotRs either, although I get the impression he was relatively well known.

            I was vaguely aware of Sean Bean, I think - but I kept confusing him with that guy who did comedy with Jimeoin, Bob Franklin.

            That's pretty much ALL of the main characters that for me were almost all unheard of.

            So the names I actually knew - Liv Tyler and Hugo Weaving and Cate Blanchette, but they all had relatively small parts.

            But then, I'm not a big movie aficionado.

              John Rhys Davies was in two Indiana Jones movies!

        Because it isn't animated, it's live action. All the humans are live action anyway, I believe orcs are part motion capture, part costume (somewhere between LotR Orcs and Gollum I think)

          Lol at the 4x reply at the same time.

          Probably human in green suits and will be need to be animated in. Humans will most likely be normal but I seriously doubt they can make Orc and Pandaren as a costume without animation to match the quality of the movie.

          Which brings back to my point, why not just use Voice Actor superstars? I find that experienced voice actor for game characters will be much better than random actors that have to become the role not knowing wtf is world of warcraft.

          Hell toss in a Troy Baker and you will have the male lead voice.

            I know what you mean but without knowing what roles they're playing it's hard to say. There's apparently lots of rumours going around that Colin Farrell is going to be in it and I'm willing to bet anything if the orcs are CG/voice acted, Chris Metzen will play at least one of them, even if it's just a 2 second cameo.
            I agree though, bring in all the big-name voice actors and it would be amazing :P

    I would have preferred a Starcraft movie personally. I lost interest in Warcraft after Warcraft II and haven't touched the series since.

      I definitely prefer the Starcraft storyline over Warcraft and would love a move/series but I think it'd be much harder to make. The film they're making at the moment is based around Warcraft 1, so all Humans and Orcs, maybe the odd gnome or Dwarf thrown in too. So the only real CG characters they need to worry about are the orcs and a few random others (maybe demons, etc).

      For a Starcraft movie you've good all the protoss, the zerg swarms, all the crazy tech AND it's in space/wierd planets which is heaps of CG in itsself.
      Hopefully if the Warcraft film is a success we'll get a Starcraft movie though.

        I agree. While I like the Warcraft story, it suffers from a bad case of 'and then' story telling.

          Not to mention that to the non gamers who aren't aware of Warcraft, it's going to seem *very* similar to LOTR.

    this is still not interesting... its basically the Duke Nukem forever of movies.

    I actually most of the people on this list but you're right, none of them are A-listers. In fact, a couple of them would probably dance for food, so I'm still not sold.

    Hm, All British or folks who've spent a lot of time over there, except for Patton and Fostor who look like the sorts of actors you'd get to play elves of one shade or another.

    None of them look particularly orc-shaped.

    No B movie is complete without Vanessa Hudgens.

    To all you naysayers and haters, boo. I'm a long time wow player and I really enjoy the warcraft lore. To me this is awesome. A cast of lesser known but very capable and talented actors means it will be less about them and their personal egos and more about the story. Duncan Jones directing, all the key blizzard heads keeping it on track, blizzards wallet and care behind this, I can't wait.

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