For Christmas, Grand Theft Auto V Was Covered In Snow

Grand Theft Auto Online ran some Christmas DLC on December 25. You could get custom clothes and gear, but by far the biggest impact - and most impressive - was the way the normally-sunny Los Santos was buried in snow.

Shame this was for one day only! It'd be great if you could toggle this on all the time. Or turn it off, and experience the tropical delights of North Yankton in the height of summer.

Grand Theft Auto V - Snow Christmas DLC HD [YouTube]


    It would have been nice if they expanded on the weather system a little more, obviously not snow, but a little bit deeper in the way water works would have been amazing.

    Is it just me, or did they surreptitiously fix the brick wall hedges in a recent update as well? You can actually drive and run through some of them now...

    I had a play in it for about half an hour on Christmas night, but I misread their blog and thought it was going through to Jan 5th.

    Bit disappointed when I logged back in yesterday. Doesn't make all that much sense to have it only on the one day a good majority of players would be spending time with family, though.

      This. I completely missed it; didn't get a chance to play for pretty much the whole Christmas week

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