GameCube Turns Into Hookah, Continues To Be Awesome

GameCube Turns Into Hookah, Continues To Be Awesome

Some people use GameCubes to, y'know, play games. In fact, most of us probably do. But you can also use GameCubes to smoke/vape, if you wanted to.

The picture above comes from Nebula Vaping Lounge. They've created a special e-Hookah called the 'VapeCube.' Here's the full picture:

GameCube Turns Into Hookah, Continues To Be Awesome

They're not up for sale just yet, but you can keep tabs on that on Nebula Vaping Lounge's Facebook page.

Surprised this exists? Don't be! There are also things like electronic cigarettes made out of NES controllers — like these ones by Litt Up Custom Ecigs:

GameCube Turns Into Hookah, Continues To Be Awesome

You can check more of those out here.


    Questionable article content is questionable...

      Not really, hookah isn't illegal.

      If you use it for other substances though...

        I don't think you can use a hookah for weed. Unless I'm mistaken, they require the 'substance' to be suspended in molasses because it doesn't take to a naked flame.

          It's more like a vaporiser, you mix the weed with shisha. Depending on the type of hookah pipe, you can just pack the bowl like normal and use a lighter.*

          *I have zero experience in the consumption of marijuana.

            No, hookahs don't work with weed. Essentially, the tobacco you smoke in a hookah is fresh and moist. You use a coal on top to heat it up until it becomes dry enough to ignite a little bit at a time and turn into delicious, thick tobacco smoke. Weed you buy has already been dried so it's ready to burn right away - throw a stick into your next hookah tray and it burns off immediately.
            Weed and hookahs simply do not work; but having never smoked it in my life I couldn't possibly be sure whether that applies to every hookah, or just my friend's.

              They can work with weed. You can't just throw it in there though, I remember researching this a few years ago and thinking "not worth it".

    It's good to see we have learned nothing from the dangers of cigarettes.

      Good thing this is electronic.

        While the hookah isn't electronic it is somewhat healthier than cigarettes.

        I wouldn't go so far as to call it healthy, however it is lacking pretty much all of the extra toxins you have in a cigarette and is somewhat more filtered. If you're going to smoke tobacco at all, probably best to do it like this.

        Unless you guys were actually referencing the electronic cigarettes at the end, in which case they're a wonderful treatment to get off the real ones. Though I hear refills are harder to come by from my smoker friends.

          The one's in this article are all electronic vapor.

            My bad completely, I kind of assumed it was just a modded hookah and skimmed right over it all.

        What does it matter that it's electronic, there's always the risk that inhaling foreign substances is not going to be good for you in the long term.

        Last edited 04/12/13 7:25 pm

    If you try to vape Marijuanna in a Hookah, you're just going to gum the thing up with resin. Good luck with that.

    I predict Kinect 3.0 will have a vapour emitter. 'Xbox - one mo' hit biatch!'.

    This reminds me, I really want $25.

      Jeebus, it's STILL $25? Why are all my other habits subject to inflation over 10 years lol.

    1) You can smoke marijuana in a hookah.
    2) This is a US article. Marijuana is legal (medicinal) in some parts of the U.S.
    3) You are all missing the major point! SOMEONE IS KILLING GAMECUBES!!! THE HORROR!!!

      And remember kids. Whilst destroying Gamecubes may look fun. That 'fun' only lasts a short while. It's a slippery slope. First it's a couple of Gamecubes at parties. Then you need to ruin an Atari. Before you know it you're knee deep in a pile of Vectrexs with a hammer looking for a fix. Remember smart kids don't wreck consoles!

        Next thing you know, you're microwaving Playstation 4s and publishing the video online for personal validation.

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