Germany's PS4 Launch Chaos Is A Sight To Behold

Germany's PS4 Launch Chaos Is a Sight To Behold

Last Friday, the PS4 launched in Europe. Gamers in Germany were very excited to get the new PlayStation console. Very.

Below, you can see a supercut of some of the PS4's German launch madness.

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    It's like the Black Friday videos

      It's like that store is Poland and... well... yeah, you can complete the analogy yourself :P

        lol. we're all fucked in the head aren't we? I was making Polish jokes as I was watching it.

    My god... I just... what's wrong with people.... also, couldn't the retailers have organised this better instead of just leaving a pile of consoles on the floor for people to charge at... it worries me how many consoles were damaged in that torrent of people.

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    Crazy. I love my PS4 but it's not worth that kind of madness.

    That was like the jbhifi store in Malaga and Xbox one, everyone just rushed in when the doors opened even when I was the 7th person in line coz I got there early

    I love video games, but wow that's just....insane.

    Also, the guy at 3:39 has balls to grab 2 when he has a stampede right behind him.... Although I guess everyone is so busy trying to grab one, they wont notice he got 2 lol

    What were the retailers thinking?

    Oh.....well done humankind.

    Lol having just watched Attack on Titan, I can't tell the difference:

    Surely the retailers could have handled that better

    Hahaha. Awesome! Always funny when grown men get excited, and forget their own age :P

      These days, it aint always grown men...

        Forreal... I did see a grown woman at the head of one of those shoals :P

          People are just ridiculous at these things now. Mike Judges Idiocracy was truly a forshadowing of what society will inevitably become. Society was once a decent thing, now its a bastardised, sodomised, molested shadow of its former self.

            "My first wife is tarded, shes a pilot now"

            Love that movie and yes i do believe that is the direction the world is slowly heading.

            I read a while back that the IQ of the world dropped something like 14% in recent times, simply because people who are considered less intelligent are out breading more intelligent people.

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            Yeah. From a more serious point of view, Behaviour like this really is materialism in it's most irrational form.

              Truly it is. I can't wait for the backlash a couple generations from now, where we get a whole generation of children who look at the adults thinking 'What the fuck?' at how stupid they've become. When knowledge becomes more important than 'owning things'. Of course that will likely be when we're on the verge of irreparably destroying our world...

                Well. Before then. Fallout 4 should give us all a few pointers :P

    Im so glad we dont have black friday sales here. After i stopped laughing, it quickly turned to a feeling of disgust, what have we become...

    We have become what our overlords have wanted us to become - perpetual consumerists.

    what happened to Germany being controlled and precise, that looked more like Berlin when the Russians where coming

    A funny skit I thought of; people running to get their Xbox Ones, and everyone dragging their feet (coz of the weight - geddit).

    Reminds me lunch time at the school I used to go to...

    Lol you are worried about the consoles being damaged as if they are a living thing. True neck beard.

    Lol......yeah it's over the top, but funny? Yes.

    The one where the display gets taken out by some random dude flying through it was funny. Or when a guy falls down on a corner and everyone running past keeps shoving.....haha.

    Reminds me of the start of a school cross country race. Tough not as many ankle taps.

    While in Australia there is like ... no stock atm

    The real question is: Did anyone die? No?

    Clearly, they weren't trying as hard as the lovely US citizens.

    If I was a manager I would have left a heap of crap in the way and put it on youtube as some kind of twisted obstacle course.

    does this store like not offer pre-orders or something?

    Not to mention just leaving $10k+ worth of stock sitting on the floor :/

    Well I feel better about myself after watching that display.

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