Godzilla Trailer Looks Like Battlefield With Giant Monsters

Godzilla Trailer Looks Like Battlefield With Giant Monsters

I'm hoping there's cooler stuff to be seen in the actual film, because it'll be a shame if that amazing paratrooper sequence was wasted on a trailer.

Godzilla Trailer Looks Like Battlefield With Giant Monsters


    I’m hoping there’s cooler stuff to be seen in the actual film, because it’ll be a shame if that amazing paratrooper sequence was wasted on a trailer.

    It's a movie about a monster that's hundreds of meters high and you're blowing your wad over HALO jumpers? It looks good and all but I was far more impressed with the glimpse of the big green at the end...

    Oh and, at Comicon, people were treated to footage of Godzilla at an airport fighting a giant spider like monster, so there's more monsters in this than just Godzilla. Colour me excited as hell :D

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      the CGI was pretty amazing. With this and Pacific rim, we have gone very far indeed

      Shame that HD actually lets me see TOO much detail for me to easily notice the CGI

      Also, Most likely the HALO sequence is a very misleading shortened version of what actually happens in the film

      Also....godzilla is slow (well just not super fast), why is there a need for a HALO jump in the first place

      Why not roll in a few thousand tanks or call in artillery strikes from the sea

      Its organic not invincible

        Apparently they try all this, he's a force of nature in this movie, wreaking absolute havoc, destroying whole areas. (EDIT) Gareth Edwards said he won't be confined to one city ala Godzilla 1997, it'll be a trek across whole continents for him. As far as Tanks go, a monster that size will have a hide meters thick, doubtful a tank shell would even do any harm.

        (Changed from Gareth Evans to Gareth Edwards. Shouldn't type when Im tired lol)

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          The former foreign minister, Gareth Evans?? :p

          I'm with you: Excited, though somewhat cynical given how many times I've been disappointed by remakes/reboots like this before. Case in point: US Godzilla 1997.

            Yep. I'm hoping the scenes with the big G are kickass enough. It already seems to be on a much better par than the original, what with no Hank Azaria cameraman lol

            I dunno, as a kid I rather enjoyed Godzilla. And the animated series too, now I think about it.

          i guess i figured that

          but this only means the HALO scene is going to be a last resort move thats probably going to be at the end of the movie

          i mean if tanks dont work...im sure puny soldiers are less effective unless they got a plan of course and are all carrying nukes or something

        In the original Japanese movies, Godzilla is depicted as being more or less invincible.

        "Slow" is relative.

        When you're dealing with something 100x the size of a human in every dimension, when it moves at what looks like a tenth the speed it's actually moving at *ten* times the speed (and with a million times the mass).

        Godzilla looks to be rather larger than 100x the height of a human, and somewhat faster than a tenth the (apparent) speed of a human. When your stride is the length of half a city block, you don't have to be taking fast steps to be walking pretty darn fast. Along similar lines, reptile skin is relatively tough - make it a hundred times the thickness and it becomes very hard to penetrate.

        (This is one reason I can't take giant robot movies seriously. The square-cube law would make it hard for many of them to stay in one piece simply standing up. But that's what suspension of disbelief is for. I don't have to believe the dumb fun, just soak it in.)

    That HALO jump got me excited. Although at first I thought it was set in some dark future like the Matrix.

    So that's what happens when spineless politicians defund the Jaeger Program.

    Wasn't Godzilla supposed to attack Japan?

      What makes you think he doesn't...

        Probably the Golden Gate bridge in the poster :P

          What makes you think that's the only location in the movie :)


          They go into detail about the trailer there, talking about multiple locations, no doubt it will culminate in San Fran, but it does include Japan and some other areas too :)

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    Please be good please be good please be good....

    So these guys are going to land on it and defeat it from inside or something like that
    sounds cool, reminds me of god of war 3 intro. Expecting to see a whole city when they land on godzilla

    I think what really excited me about this trailer, and the comicon one on vimeo, is the dead bodies (yea I know: lol so edgy, but bear with me). It gives more weight to the force of nature, and destructive aspect of the G-man.

    Considering I don't think you see a single dead body in PacRim, a few kid friendly deaths. But no actual dead bodies.

    That light sprinkling of people in Godzillas footprint is pretty dark.

    Fukken psyched

      Absolutely. The heavy human toll shown visually really drives it home as a disaster piece doesnt it

    anyone else Notice breaking bad's Bryan Cranston... thats what has me excited!

      nope but i did see that dude from malcom in the middle in it somewhere.

    Reminded me more of the opening sequence from Crysis.

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