Golden Xbox One Will Cost You Just $10,000

Golden Xbox One Will Cost You Just $US9778.80

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Boy, I love video game consoles — I just wish they were more expensive, ostentatious, and tacky"? Today is the day for you, lucky shopper.

British dream factory Harrods is selling this 24-carat-gold-plated Xbox One for just £6,000, or $US9778.80, or the price of approximately 19 normal (peasant) Xbox Ones, but what is money to the truly passionate video game fan? Go get this baby before someone beats you to it. Because if you're not willing to spend $US9778.80 on a golden Xbox, are you even really a gamer?

Golden Xbox One Will Cost You Just $US9778.80

(top photo via Reddit)


    Premier league footballers will buy this too much money and no taste

    have to wonder if this is a legit Microsoft certified product with a warranty...

      They would have to take it apart to plate it which would break all the warranty seals. There's no warning sticker under the disc drive either.

      My question is does the on button still work?

        If you can afford a Gold Plated XBone does warranty matter?

          because you would want your 6k Pound Xbox one to actually work :)

            Harrod's would supply a warranty to say that it would work, but MS would not. Point is your not buying it to play or you'd have gotten the black one on release your buying it as a statement of excess.

    Someone is gonna buy it and then film themselves smashing it with a tool of destruction to rack up hits on their youtube video...

    I chrome plated my PSX it looks great and the controller was always cool to touch. Gold plating is actually easier and less steps involved.

    The basic design color of the xbox one does it for me who needs gold plated lol.

    overpriced especially if its only plated! there wouldnt be 1/2 ozz of gold on that. and according to the latest price of gold, thatsa huge rip off. pluss it would overheat the xbox would insulate it more

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