Gran Turismo 6 Vs A PC Racing Game

Normally when we show a comparison video like this, it’s comparing the same game across platforms. But this one’s different. It’s two games across two platforms, which may sound pointless, but remember, these are driving games we’re talking about. We can get away with it.

Moto Games TV found that both GT6 and PC graphics showcase Project CARS both have the same track (Monza) and the same car (Pagani Huayra) available. So they took both for a spin and recorded the results.

You should probably watch it in 1080p for the best results.

While it’s easiest to say “Oh, Project CARS looks better, especially inside the car”, that’s missing the point. That game is running on a modern PC. Gran Turismo 6 is running on hardware released in 2006.

Gran Turismo 6 vs Project CARS Build 623 – Pagani Huayra at Monza [Moto Games TV]


  • Graphically there’s no surprise, old hardware as you say. But still Gran Turismo can’t even get close with the audio. I swear the GT devs need to get out to a track and actually listen to what super-cars sound like. This muffled “1990” audio they seem to be sticking with simply doesn’t cut it. I want to crank my home theater and have the car engine tearing up my lounge room, not likely to do that with what Gran Turismo calls revs…

    • Absolutely agree, the GT6 audio was pretty shameful in comparison, the Project Cars gave me goosebumps. Would like to see Forza in the mix too…

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