Grand Theft Auto Online's Free Race And Deathmatch Creation Tools Are Live

As teased earlier in the week, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 players can now create and share custom vehicle races and kill everybody matches in Grand Theft Auto V's online playground. Check out the full content of the update over at Rockstar's Newswire.


    Pro-tip: create a custom race of minimum length to grind the ridiculous win requirements for car parts. Additionally, the turbo unlock is (was?) glitched and I unlocked most classes by grinding only one.

      So basically this will give rise to 'Achievement Servers' so to speak!

      That's working as intended, you unlock the parts by class (e.g. car, boat, off-road) not by specific vehicle type.

      There is no grind if you enjoy racing, if you want to spam down the drain that's your own perogative, I unlocked all parts on random tracks and never felt like I was grinding.

      If you play the game like it's an MMORPG you might feel like you're grinding. If you play it like a GTA game, you will enjoy it.

      TL;DR If you aren't having fun, do something else.......

        I raced Sports class and unlocked turbo for: Motorbike, Off-road, Sedan, Super, Sports.

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