GTA V Cop Has A Nervous Breakdown, Goes Walkabout

There's something Falling Down-esque about this cop's nervous breakdown in Grand Theft Auto V. He almost gets the squad car out of the driveway with a multi-point back-and-fill move — but then ... he just loses it.

Tim Burke over at Deadspin captured this; it happened in the open world after finishing the heist mission Blitz Play. He went up to Devin Weston's mansion, got Solomon Richards as a mission-giver, went outside and found this Los Santos County deputy trying to get out of the driveway (apparently he was pursuing Michael when the previous mission ended).

You can see the drivers slowing down and shaking their heads as the deputy destroys his car and ultimately gives up. Tim decided to follow him — up hills, down them, through a ravine to the beach, where the cop starts swimming in circles, draws his gun and disappears.

Who knows why it played out this way. Maybe Rockstar Games gives you 10 minutes to either kill or ignore a cop before he whips out his sidearm and teleports the hell out of there. Nervous Breakdown Cop, whither goest thou? Maybe an appointment with Dr. Friedlander would help you.

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    this was not as interesting as I foolishly thought it would be

    I lol'd watching him descend the steep slope with all the grace of a brick.

    The reason this happened was that the AI was set on entering the house and while the cop had a vehicle that was his means to get in. Once the vehicle was damaged and no good, the AI then directed the cop to another Waypoint that led into the house or property which is why he went all the way around to get in.

    I'm guessing that the cop has disappeared into some invisible textures in the cliff face or perhaps there is an alternate entrance that is found later in the game, not sure, I haven't played it.

    What you just saw was the AI trying to get from A to B, Terminator style, no compromise. Sarah Connor must die! :|

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