Hackers Claim Takedown Of Battle.net, League Of Legends, EA.com

Hackers Claim Takedown Of Battle.net, League Of Legends, EA.com

A group of hackers going by the name DERP has launched DDoS attacks on a number of big games and websites today, bringing a number of them down, including the homepage of Electronic Arts.

The attacks have been focused on a single gamer – Phantoml0rd – and have been systematically trying to crash all of the games he regularly streams on his Twitch page, including World of Warcraft and League of Legends. Both of those games were brought down for a small time earlier today, as you’ll see below.

Hackers Claim Takedown Of Battle.net, League Of Legends, EA.com
Hackers Claim Takedown Of Battle.net, League Of Legends, EA.com

The group – or maybe it’s just one guy, we’re looking into it – then moved onto other targets like Club Penguin and Electronic Arts, whose website EA.com was still down at time of writing.

TARGET ACQUIRED! http://t.co/Y39Zvq0C4s (US) #offline

— DERP (@DerpTrolling) December 30, 2013

In the meantime http://t.co/hWPM4W1092 #offline

— DERP (@DerpTrolling) December 30, 2013

We’ve contacted Riot, EA and Blizzard, and will update if we hear back.

DERP [Twitter]


  • I’ve never liked calling a DDOS a ‘hack’.
    It’s more, there’s some kiddie using a package (that someone else way smarter created) clicked some buttons for a already controlled botnet to send requests to a website.

    There’s no breaking in. There’s no data theft.
    oooo, impressive.
    *slow clap*

    • Apparently they were trying to advertise their DDOS tools by showing them off. The fact that they did all of this while talking to Phantoml0rd and his 100,000+ viewers probably helped a little.

      He was actively encouraging this whole thing to get viewers and subscribers on Twitch.

      • Which is why I’m a little annoyed that they linked to his channel in the article.

        Should be interesting to see if any action gets taken on him, especially when there was 5 or so Twitch TV staff joining in the chat.

          • That’s if you’re willing to believe that the cops thought processes and actions went something like this.
            > Quick, bust in with guns up, get all the bad guys!
            > Quick, arrest the nerd, take him down, ransack his house for evidence!

            > Leave him with his phone though so that he can give updates to his people, no biggie.

          • Police really font have time to muck around when they get reports of hostage situations or violent assaults. It’s better to act first and ask questions later. Just in case it isn’t a hoax

          • Oh, I don’t have doubts or issues with a general response of speedy resolution. You’ve got to assume hostage/violent calls are real. Absolutely. If real, police should totally act as such.

            My problem is solely with the idea, and questioning how true it is, is that he appears to want me to believe that they’ve thrown him in cuffs and hauled him away … *but left him with his phone which he used to actively talk on facebook with while in cuffs*

          • Yeah, that part I doubt. I mean, Kotaku post a video a while ago of a guy who got swatted, where the officers came into the house just to be sure and see what was really happing

    • It’s “hacking” in about the same way that typing things on someone else’s facebook page because they forgot to log off before going somewhere is “hacking”.

  • kiddie scripters pfft any smuck can run 20+ pc’s and run virtual machines at work or uni and dDos and use LOIC, but without skill they will always be tracked even through proxies lawl, and nah that aint hacking thats just boring trolling crap, if they were good they would have changed the websites at the very least….

  • I love it how he was telling people to subscribe to talk to the ‘hackers’ and they would DDoS Dota 2 if his team was losing.

    What an asshole.

  • all i have to say is send the kiddies over to my place i got a 2×4 with there names on it the problem with these little hacker want to be’s is thats there parents have there heads so far out there they don’t give 2 shits about there kids and what they do i think they should arrest the parents also for neglect just saying and ddos lol grow up thats like 1995 lol get skills

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