Happy 20th Birthday, Virtua Fighter!

20 years ago today, the first-ever 3D fighting game hit arcades around the world. As you might imagine, it was massively popular.

To mark the occasion, Sega has unveiled a 20th anniversary website where they promise to periodically post news and content related to the series.


    Feeling old

      Ho-leeee crap! TWENTY YEARS!! I was just a young tacker! In my tartan baggys and smiley face t-shirt. With my chuppa-chups and RAVING! RAVING!! RAVING!! To a better tomorrow!...

    I hope they re release Sega Rally in 2015. Still a great game, stood the test of time better than Virtua Fighter.

    Thinking the exact same thing.

    oh man!!!! the amount of dollars i must have pumped into this game

    20 years on still people whine about how graphics suck:(

    If I had a dollar for every time I plated that game, I'd have 4 dollars. virtua racer and virtua cop were the bomb as well. I think that was the last time arcades were that much fun.... alien 3: the gun, virtual on (freaking unreal), and the multiplayer tank one (I think it was called Tokyo wars).

    Even the crap machines were worth playing for the amusement value-revolution x was a shooter that involved aerosmith, some dominatrix and you fired cds out of your gun.

    Very true Dr.
    Was only about a year or so later the Playstation hit and consoles were on the same level.

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