Have Horrible Handwriting? Maybe This Machine Can Help

Have Horrible Handwriting? Maybe This Machine Can Help

My handwriting is messy. I wish it was better! Doesn’t matter if I am writing in English or Japanese, it’s chicken scrawl. Thankfully, there’s a new machine to write clearly for me.

This is the Word Writer from Tokyo’s Max Ltd. It’s a printer that can use a ballpoint pen, a felt tip marker, or a pencil to clearly print words and letters.

Here’s the cool part: Besides being able to print Japanese characters, it can also print the English-language alphabet, the Russian alphabet, and the Greek alphabet, as well as various types of symbols and pictograms. The printing isn’t fancy, sure, but it’s serviceable. Below, you can see a clip via Macotakara:

In Japan, people value handwriting whether that’s for business envelopes or greeting cards. The country is hardly unique in that regards, and for those with crap handwriting, a printer like this could come in handy! Here’s the uncool part: Units start from 90,300 yen (US$877). At that price, I think I’ll stick with my chicken scratch.

マックスの実際にペンが動いて字を書くワードライタ「BL-80」がなんか凄い! [MACお宝鑑定団 blog]


  • An ideal christmas purchase for the taunting serial killer who doesn’t want to be identified by forensic graphology!

    • Excellent gift tip. But to be fair, I think all serial killers don’t want to be identified by forensic graphology. It’s a universal problem.

      • Well non-taunting serial killers are probably less likely to be sending notes to the police and/or victim’s families, they’re too busy with their killing

        • That’s why make their notes by cutting out letters from magazines….every half decent serial killer knows that… Duh….

        • Good point. You’ve clearly given this a lot of thought.

          I’d suggest that this product ought to be promoted to kidnappers, stalkers and evil moguls. Might even come in handy for the NSA. (I didn’t just say that did I?). Dang. I wish they’d invent internet anonymity, so I can climb out from underneath this bush.

  • I heard there was this crazy new thing called the ‘typewriter’ being developed too. If only we had some form of digital typing… One day.

    • I had a printer/plotter back around 1987 which used 4 colour ballpoint pens (really tiny ones).

      What’s new about this, as far as I can tell, is that you sit it on top of the writing surface rather than feeding paper through. It means you can use it on things like boxes where a printer or typewriter wouldn’t work very well.

      • Why would a serial killer need to print on boxes?

        Seems like a very small market to me.

        Unless it was to say Head, or something.

        Personally I’d recommend just sitting on your hand for a while until it goes numb. That technique has multiple purposes.

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