He Thought He Was Buying A PS4; He Got A Box Of Towels Instead

He Thought He Was Buying a PS4; He Got a Box of Towels Instead

A man in Colorado Springs got fleeced when he met a dude to buy a PlayStation 4 and ended up with a box of towels. That said, they do dry you off a lot better than the Xbox One.

Cops in the Springs say the man answered a Craigslist ad, hoping to buy the console as a Christmas gift for his son. He agreed to meet the seller at a motel on Tuesday to make the transaction.

Generally, when I hear a dude answered a Craigslist ad and then went to a motel I expect at least one person to leave the scene with a major dent in their dignity. Sure enough, he did. After forking over the money, the man checked the box and found it stuffed with towels.

The suspect fled with the money, jumping in a getaway car waiting in the parking lot. The amount of the transaction was not described by police.

Craiglist scam ruins Christmas gift plans for Colorado Springs father [Colorado Springs Gazette]


    Didn't he check what was in the box before the other dude left?

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      Pretty sure he did, but the guy bolted.

        He should have asked the seller to open it up before handing over the money.

          The other guy probably said he wants the money first so the guy doesn't run off with his PS4. =P He's probably lucky he didn't realise it was a trick until after he handed over the cash. The guy was there to rob him so I'd imagine going 'ah ha! It was just a box of towels, you can't have my money' would have ended worse than opening the box and watching the guy dash off into a car.

          Now I'm wondering if the box could be traced to a store, and from there traced back to an owner (or possibly directly to an owner if you can link a box to the PSN account used on the PS4). After all if you've got a PS4 right now odds are you had a pre-order. He probably fished it out of a bin or something but I guess there's a chance it could be his box.

            You can always ask the guy to open the box on HIS hands before handing it over =P

              And then you get stabbed and they take the money anyways

    If I was him I would frame those towels and hang them next to my computer as a reminder to never meet a guy from craigslist at a motel and give that man money again.

    Seems appropriate

    he should have known this is scamming season. thats why i never trust strangers.

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