No Man's Sky Devs Face Insurance Battle

Studio of Indie Sensation Hello Games Flooded on Christmas Eve, Devs Say

Briefly: Hello Games, the indie studio flooded out on Christmas Eve, said its insurance company won't cover the damage to its office. Even if work on No Man's Sky was backed up remotely, this doesn't sound good. We've reached out to ask how things are going. A beloved office couch is among the casualties.


    Insurance companies are the worst. My neighbour had a tree fall on his house so he called up the insurance company he'd been with for 35 years who responded with "Oh, we don't cover fallen trees any more."

      They really are horrible companies, especially since generally when you have to contact them your life is sucky enough already without them giving you bullshit. Surely your neighbour should of had a leg to stand on legally since when he joined they probably still covered fallen trees.....Knowing insurance companies though the bastards probably have a disclaimer in fine print, hidden in all the bullshit in the contract stating that they are free to change policies without notifying you.

        "Terms and Conditions subject to change". Either without notice, or with a five page, 15,000-words-of-incomprehensible-legalese 'get out your magnifying glass' fine-print letter mailed to you and thrown out.

          actually you can't change the terms and conditions without notice, it automatically voids any contract between you (in fact the contract can never be valid if it stipulates that the conditions can change without the other parties notice or consent).

    This situation just keeps getting worse for these guys. Hope they get back up and running.

    We tried to get home and contents as well as car insurance from Youi. Turns out they refused to insure us because we lived within 2kms of the ocean.

    A few years ago we had several small towns in queensland and victoria become inundated with flood and these ENTIRE TOWNS were treated the exact same way by insurance companies. Some of the companies only caved in because there was literally a big enough furor.

    I wish we could go back to insurance being treated like a product that you pay for and not some kind of investment portfolio.

      I remember the insurance companies excuse was "it wasn't a flood, it was a river rising".


        In my old hometown's case the insurance companies only paid out because it wasn't a 'flood' but a reservoir storm water drainage system failure.

    Insurance is nothing more than a legal Ponzi scheme.

    "Sorry we don't insure people who are likely to need insurance. Whats that? Yes, even if they pay us". Fuck those people.

    such bullshit. we had GIO recently cancel our home insurance because "you made too many claims". They said they sent a letter which my dad never received. The only reason he found out that we weren't insured any more is because he rang up to check something and they're like "you're not insured with us any more" what an absolute joke.

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