​Here's How PlayStation Consoles Have Said Hello Over The Years

 Here's How PlayStation Consoles Have Said Hello Over the Years

First, it sounded like the yawn of a giant supercomputer as it stretched itself awake. Then, like a genie coming out of a lamp. They're all burned into our memories. What's been your favourite PlayStation start-up screen?

This compilation of PlayStation boot sequences celebrates the European launch of the PS4. Yeah, it's a few days old; we missed it eating all that turkey. Watching it is like taking a trip down the lifetime of several generations of gaming. (These sounds can make their own music after all.) The PS3 start-up screen is a favourite of mine because it sounds like an orchestra warming up before an amazing performance. That was probably intentional and you could theorize that each screen probably says something about how Sony Computer Entertainment saw itself at the time. Coming after the bravado of the PS3 screen, the PS4 greeting seems almost… humble? "Welcome back to PlayStation…" because we know you've been here before, but didn't necessarily have to come back.


    The PS1 Intro is still super awesome and nostalgic, I cant help but hear the Crash Bandicoot theme after it

    What I miss about playing digital copies of PSOne games is hearing the disc drive whirring into action. I would've listened to that thousands of times as a teenager. It was also sad when the spindle gave up (happened a couple of times to me) and you could hear it struggling

    I still remember getting my PS2 home after the midnight launch and firing it up. SO FUTURE. That animated intro, followed by.... wait - it has a built in menu? HNGH. The PS2 felt the most futuretastic for me at the time.

    PSX. Reminds of good times spent with Crash and the original Tomb Raider.

    god i love the PSX/1 sound it is amazing i hope sony somehow brings it into the PS4

    I still think the greatest ever console opener is the Playstation one (closely followed by the Sega CD)

    holy shit that ps2 noise man, so good

    PSX/1 - I can remember that startup then as the disc loads up the PS logo
    PS2 - Always loved that startup and when you had a disc in and it starts it's the simple fade to black and the PS2 logo pop up (with sound effect)

    I love those ones....the PS3 startup to me was a like a big orchestral tada...a pleasant surprise when you've accidentally left the volume up too high

    Ahhhhhh so many memories!!!! Time to create new ones with my PS4!!!

    Can anyone explain why it's called the PSX? It was never physically labeled it as that, it seems as though the internet collectively decided to ditch the 1 for an X :P


      "The PlayStation was also known as the PS-X[13] during development. This led to the console sometimes being referred to as PSX upon its release, although this was not endorsed by Sony as the PSX name was intended only as a provisional codename. In 2003, an entirely different console with the name PSX was released in Japan."

      There was the PSX, the PS & the PSOne. PSX came first, it has a different UI to the PS & PSOne. The PSX & PS looked identical, and the PSOne was the small version without a reset button.

      "PSX" was an internal codename for the first Playstation, and Sony America used it in some advertising. The abbreviation stuck. Officially it was just the "Playstation" though.

      However, when they released the PS2, they also released a miniaturised Playstation branded as the PSone. This meant 'PS1' was kind of out of the question for referring to the original device, so PSX got even more stuck.

      I wonder if we can make XBoxX catch on...

    PS1 sound is no doubt the best, the PS3 orchestra I was never a fan of.

    The PS2's annoys the hell out of me for some reason. Loved the system though!

    the PS4 needs some sort of music to go with the PS logo, otherwise there is nothing unique

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