Here’s What GTA: San Andreas Looks Like On The iPad

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is out today for iPad and other iOS devices. So what does it look like?

Well, like high-res San Andreas! In the video above, you’ll see what the game looks like when played on an iOS device. This version supports Apple-certified controllers like the MOGA Ace Power and the Logitech Power Shell, but for the sake of capture we decided to just show how the game looks and plays with standard touch controls.

For reference, here’s a video of how the game looked like on the PS2:


  • I bought this yesterday and have been playing it for a little and i found out that the analogue controls like they are using in the top video is incredibly bad but once i changed it to the left and right buttons, car control becomes quite simple.

    Motorbikes don’t have shadows so there is only a shadow of CJ on the road, not sure if its bug that will be fixed in a later patch. The framerate seems to be quite smooth with a few little skips but nothing to concerning and what really surprises me is how smooth it runs over all on my iPad 2.

    One last thought, i broke a PS2 controller out of rage during the flying lessons, i do not want to break my iPad so i wonder how they have adapted flying controls to a touch screen.

    • I disagree.
      While GTA V has great gameplay and graphics, GTA SA has much greater character development, story line, game length, missions (namely Truth’s Missions [speaking in terms of how it develops the story]), 3 separate cities; as opposed to one city (smaller than GTA IV) (with too much empty country side), and soundtrack (IMO).

      Saying any game should be left as a memory isn’t altogether the right thing to say.

      • Fair enough. I agree with you in regards to SAs story.
        I tried replaying it on Steam recently (before gta5 was released), and dont think ill bother revisiting it again. Graphics are forgiving, but I found the clunky controls and some frustrating missions ruined the experience

  • GTA V is by far my favorite GTA game to date and I’ve been playing since the original GTA1. San Andreas and Vice City come second, then 3 + IV.

    Certain people forget that the San Andreas country side was almost deserted. To say the country side in V is empty is an outright lie. Nostalgia can cloud your judgement very badly – there are plenty of animals, farmhouses and easter eggs to discover. Not to mention that Blaine County in general offers a direct contrast WITH SUBSTANCE to LS. Stop driving around at 200km/h like a kid with ADHD and actually walk around on foot in the country side, it certainly is anything but empty. The “endless amount of little things” in San Andreas were 99.9% tedious, and or boring crap even by the standards of the generation . Horse shoes….Pointless RPG elements….An infinite ocean filled with nothing…Oh and every other mission came down to “find the red dots and auto aim”.

    Character development and story better in SA? LOL that’s just silly. I loved the game and have so many fond memories, but if you honestly believe that then you’re either under the age of 14 or just….brainless.

    FYI: The GTA V map is 49 square miles in size, that includes the explorable ocean floor.
    Red Dead Redemption is 28 square miles.
    San Andreas is 13.6 square miles.
    GTA IV is 6.8 square miles.

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