How A Nice Gesture Ruined The Latest Banderas Meme

How a Nice Gesture Ruined the Latest Banderas Meme

"Ruined" is a strong word, actually. Especially when you consider how adorable the end result is. D'aww!

You may recognise the two guys above: one of them is Shiro Kawauchi, the rather emotional head of Sony Computer Entertainment Korea, and the other is Hong Suk Min, one half of the husband-and-wife pair famous for camping out in the cold for days, waiting for the PS4's Korean release.

The scene took place during last night's South Korean PS4 launch event at the Kukje Electronics Center in Seoul. Kawauchi, who had heard about Hong Suk Min and his PS4-motivated camping trip, gave the man a free hotel reservation as a reward for his determination. Then, as he had previously planned, Hong Suk Min attempted to do the Banderas on camera — and was interrupted by a timely hug from Kawauchi.

Isn't it the best when gaming brings people together like that? Truly, it is. Really, I'd much rather have this than the console wars.

PlayStation4 Launch [Plog [email protected], Thanks Sang!]


    I’d much rather have this than the console wars.

    But, If
    You're Thinkin'
    About My Baby
    It Don't Matter If You're
    Green Or Blue

    Oh there were sony people in this clip? Sorry, was checking out the chick in the background...

    It wasn't ruined, the Banderas was accentuated with a hug!

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