How Much Did You Spend On Gaming In November?

How Much Did You Spend On Gaming In November?

We've made it through November, a month packed with two next-gen console releases and a bunch of new releases from some of gaming's biggest franchises. Now we've got time to pause and reflect on the damage we did to our wallets over the past 30 days. How much did you pay for games in November?

It's ok if you overdid it — I understand. Not only did we get the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, we also got a couple of exclusive titles for each and a whole slew of next-gen ports. A new Call of Duty game arrived, followed by a new The Legend of Zelda game for the 3DS and a new 3D Mario title for the Wii U. And that's not even counting the games that came out in late November — Battlefield 4, Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, and the like.

So let's hear it. Break it down by games and systems, if you'd prefer, or itemize the whole list.


    I bought The Stanley Parable, Surgeon Simulator and Gone Home, for about $17 all up.
    Pretty big investment to say the least.

    In November?
    Around $750 on Star Citizen - Will I regret it? Probably a little, unless it ends up being the best game ever on PC in which case - Money well spent.

    Think about $1200.


    Day One Xbone
    Extra play n charge controller
    NBA 2K14
    Turtle Beach headset (not received yet.)
    Money spent on Google Play store for my phone (this figure is always too high.)

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    Baught the Xbox One with Forza 5 Limited Edition EB games bundle, AC4, BF4, Rivals, Lego Marvel, Killer Instinct Ultra Edition, Zelda, Mario 3D World.

    There surely were a few small extras as well, so... Easily $1,500+ After price matching this month.. Not a cheap hobby :)

    $0! I'm so proud of myself.

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    If we're counting stuff I paid for before November that arrived in November like, say, Ps4... eek. Lots. A bit over a grand. Actually paid for IN November - couple of hundred...

    $3200. Built a PC, Xbone, handful of games still waiting for PS4. I'm not normally like this (a complete flip), just been saving for a while.

    probably around $2200...or more....
    xbox one, all exclusive launch titles. + need for speed.
    ps4, camera + extra controller + killzone.
    link between worlds on 3DS.
    sooooo many steam games.
    including assassins creed 4 and anything that was on sale. some dota 2 items (i know...i know)
    this one isn't in november but just purchased a gtx 780ti...

    please note i am not in fact rich but did have some money left over.

    A copy of AOE2:HD for a friend and three copies of The Forgotten expansion. One for myself, the aforementioned friend and another friend (whom I bought the game for at release).

    Worth it.

    Roughly $4860, bought a macbook pro retina (for bootcamping), a ps4, a zelda edition 3ds XL, ps4/wii u games, steam sales and xmas presents. Last splurge for a while I think, by a while i mean, next generation :P

    $17 for a new copy of XCOM: Enemy Unknown (PS3)
    $9 for a pre-owned copy of the Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword Limited Edition
    $9 for a pre-owned copy of Alpha Protocol (PS3) which I later sold on Ebay for $9
    $16 for a pre-owned copy of New Super Mario Bros Wii which I later sold on Ebay for $43.

    So $51 total.

    Too damn much. $550 on a PS4 + $65 Knack + $65 Killzone + $120 AC4 CE... + $60 Rocksmith 2014 (incl cable) + $160 Guitar (not sure if it counts here, but I count it because I bought it to go with Rocksmith)... + $5 Dead Space 2... So... $1025. Aka "too damn much". :/

    Upside is that (with the exception of Rocksmith DLC) I probably won't be buying games until roughly March next year.

    PS4 & xbone stuff set me back. Come late Dec/Jan I'll be picking up some Wii U stuff from the second half of this year I neglected. Sorry Wii U!

    Probably around $75 bucks. I got some games like interstellar marines, blade symphony, kingdoms rise and contagion. Looking at it now, Almost all of the games I got this month are bloody early access! Not a bad thing but im suprised how many games are going this route of release now.

    Ps4 $550
    Ps4 Games $254
    Pc bf4+premium $105
    Ps3 bf4+premium $148 (that is why pc rules good discounts even on launch games)
    Red Pokemon 3DS $229
    Pokemon Y $49
    Total =$1335

    Feel bad now thanks for that lol

    COD: Ghosts $64 (returned)
    Xbox One $599 (returned)
    Forza 5 $68 (returned)
    AC4 $28
    Will buy Ni No Kuni for $10 tomorrow. (US PSN store sale)

    Total: $38

      Just out of interest, why did you return the Xbone?

        Because after a few days I was playing PC again and no games til Titanfall which is on PC also.

    $599 Xbox One, Ryse, Forza and BF4 $244, PS4 Killzone bundle (still to be sent) $699. Due to error at shop I bought games from I got a free Xbox One controller and year of live :) all up is $1542 though. Will wait for comment saying I could have got a gaming rig for that much. I neither have the time or patience to mess around, disc in, controller on, feet up is all I want.

      neither have the time or patience to mess around, disc in, controller on, feet up is all I want.

      You're wasting your time with the Xbone then, the install times are insane (for a console), might as well have a PC.

        I've been surprised how quickly the PS4 games install, much quicker than PS3.

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